Letters to the Editor

Let the police do their duty

Editor, I am shocked and dismayed at the news “Police pick up 46 students in city” which appeared in your esteemed daily. I am, however, more shocked at the response that the news garnered among the readers. To claim this act of the police department as moral policing is tantamount to covering up for the grievous crimes that may have been committed with this [Full Article...]

Logique Political: No link in the linking

 Editor, Reading the news report; ‘ Opp moves censure motion against Ampareen, Deborah’ (ST Nov 25, 2014) and the CM’s reply to the question posed by reporters on the two Cabinet Ministers, I am compelled to agree with the CM’s opinion but at the same time I don’t decry the opposition stance. Conscious of the constitutional obligations and democratic parleys, let me here elucidate [Full Article...]

Missing the woods for the trees

Editor, I fully agree with D Syiemlieh who in the  letter “A project destined to fail” (ST Nov 17, 2014  stated that continuation of the Eco Restoration project at Sohra would be a futile  exercise . Certainly no amount of money and human efforts  can change the existing scenario  of Sohra where  nature  has  bestowed on it to be as such.  Sohra boasts of [Full Article...]

Selective finger-pointing

Editor, Apropos the letter “Strange ways of the SMB” by Ibor Sun (ST Nov 20, 2014), the letter strangely makes no mention of the elephant in the room, i.e. the biggest building of Shillong, the 10-storeyed money-spinner which has come up in place of the old Municipal Office, breaking all rules laid down in the Meghalaya Building Bye-Laws. It is because of this building’s [Full Article...]

Do we need an edifice for the Assembly?

Editor, Apropos the news item, “Government allots land for new Assembly “(ST Nov 22, 2014) it was reported that the government has allotted 80 acres of land for the State Assembly building. This is a huge acreage which will cost several crore rupees. Add to this the cost of the Assembly building (which last heard was to the tune of Rs 200 crore plus), [Full Article...]

Let’s take ownership of garbage!

Editor The Swachh Bharat Mission has had its impact in our city also. Chetan Bhagat in his article “Cleanliness Begins At Home,” (Times of India, Nov 1, 2014) rightly pointed out that “whenever there is collective sense of ownership, we have higher cleanliness levels. It is for this reason most college campuses are cleaner than the city outside, despite housing thousands of youngster insides.” [Full Article...]

Kudos to Police Department

Editor, The arrest of students in school uniform from the premises of Ward’s Lake by the police department deserves a very warm pat on their back. This act of Police department is well accepted by the citizens of Shillong city. It is indeed a great act on the part of the police to stop such indecent behaviour of our students and that too in [Full Article...]

Strange ways of the SMB

Editor, Permit me to share my experience with your readers about the bizarre ways of functioning of the Shillong Municipality. A couple of years ago the Municipality decided to construct a building in place of the existing fish/vegetable market in the heart of Jail Road, Shillong and constructed several stalls by the roadside to temporarily shift the market. However, the welfare society of the [Full Article...]