Letters to the Editor

Coal Transport, its negative externalities and the NGT

Editor, There  has  been a lot of hue and cry regarding the National Green Tribunal (NGT)  ban  on  the extraction and transportation of coal with the Tribunal having  extended  the  time  for transportation of extracted coal till 30th June,  2015  on the demand of the State Government and other stakeholders. The Tribunal  should act deliberately and decisively in this regard as the state is not  in  [Full Article...]

Seeking for enforceable legal rights

 Editor, The current topic of empowerment of Rangbah Shnong is continuously being raised by all concerned be it social groups, political parties, the MDCs and the affected Rangbah Shnong. A larger section of our society does feel that this is the right time to give the women their due by involving them in the affairs of Dorbar Shnong (DS) While the said view is [Full Article...]

Bandh for Least Important People (LIP)

Editor, There’s no life harder than being confined in our homes against our will and to know that freedom is only a word that is meaningless in our circumstances. This is what a bandh does. To ask someone whether this will benefit our people in the long run is also like asking for trouble. We take life as it comes because our lives are [Full Article...]

Government induced bandh

Editor, Bandhs are regressive and have no place in a modern, progressive society. They are a cruel joke on the poor and daily wage earners. They cause loss on every front – economic, political, social and educational. They are a form of enslavement and imprisonment. They are undemocratic and they impose the will of a few on the rest of the population. They are [Full Article...]

Limited Khasi vocabulary

Editor, I know that the letters here are mostly about socio-political issues concerning our state. But I just want to make an observation. We Khasis somehow feel that there is poverty in our language and hence we, sometimes, resort to speaking and using English words. I feel that the Khasi language lacks translation for some important and often used English words, like for example [Full Article...]

A Volte-face!

  Editor, One thing about temptation is that it feels so ‘Good’ when you yield to it. The temptation to tell our ‘pressure group turned politician’ friends to go hang themselves has always been there. We just didn’t have the nerve to say it. So this time it’s so satisfying to be able to say “serves you bloody right”! I’m talking about the out [Full Article...]

Will the Court intervene?

Editor, I am in complete agreement with Batkupar L Mawlong, Karen Wahlang, Anthony Lyngdoh, Phrangsngi Mawthoh and numerous others who have voiced their condemnation of pressure groups (particularly KSU), street-actor politicians and headmen. People have seen through their stunts and gimmicks which are aimed at grabbing power or stuffing their pockets through manipulation of public opinion. These people have terrorized and kept us in [Full Article...]

Sixth Schedule not above Constitution

Editor, I am pained to read the hate statements made by Ardent Bassaiawmoit and Adelbert Nongrum from time to time in public platforms and in the media. Their statements have shown the Khasi society in bad light. Khasi society, has since time immemorial been known to be a simple and God fearing tribe ( Ka jaitbynriew tip briew tip Blei ). If your ideas [Full Article...]