Letters to the Editor

What is free speech?

Editor, The Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Section 66A of Information Technology Act as unconstitutional and struck it down. This section had been widely misused by police in various states to arrest innocent persons for posting critical comments about social and political issues and political leaders on social networking sites. The court said such a law hit at the root of liberty and freedom [Full Article...]

Unfair comments from Sports Minister

Editor, I was surprised and pained to read the statement of the Sports Minister as reported on page 3 of your paper dated 26th March, 2015.  While it may be true that the State Resource Group was formed in May, 2014, the notification of the same is yet to officially reach me. In fact, as the so called Chairman of the SRG, I was [Full Article...]

KSY vrs Police: match-fixing as usual

Editor,   The KSU versus Police drama at the East Khasi Hills, Deputy Commissioner’s office is reminiscent of the match-fixing which has been going on between Police and NGOs/Pressure Groups in Meghalaya for decades. On one side you have the fire-breathing self-proclaimed protectors of the ‘jaidbynriew’, the NGOs, who have mastered the art of blackmailing governments and society and amassed great wealth and power. [Full Article...]

Faith and cultural values!

Editor, This refers to the report on “Shillong Chamber Choir leaves Jodhpur spellbound”(STMarch23/2015).I always appreciate what Neil Nongkynrih and his Choir have achieved. But the fact that they sang the ‘Vande Mataram’ at Jodhpur and in turn received a big appreciation from Amitabh Bachchan for, “being rooted in their values,” raise important questions about faith and cultural values. The song written by Bankim Ch.Chattopadhya [Full Article...]

Govt surrender policy: Recipe for failure

Editor, The manner is which the State Govt has gone about tackling insurgency in the Garo Hills with its no-questions-asked-cash-for-surrender policy is a recipe for disaster in the years to come. Leave aside the social, moral and judicial implications of effecting a mass surrender by subverting the law, the State Govt. is now being bombarded with surrender ‘demands’ by various ‘militant’ factions who also [Full Article...]

Inconsistent arguments

Editor,   Patricia Mukhim has taken strong exception to the Chief Minister’s criticism of the media in “Who defines the role of the media, Mr CM?” While I do not agree with the CM’s tactics of trying to manipulate the media into becoming a propaganda machine for the Govt, I also disagree with some of the arguments put forth by Ms Mukhim in her [Full Article...]


Editor, Shillong has become famous for its huge garbage dumps. In almost every corner of the city we will find piles of garbage. Roadsides are filled with garbage and drains are blocked by huge dumps. Garbage has certainly become a part of our lives.People going for early morning walks have to inhale the toxic fumes of burnt garbage which is hazardous to health. Manyplaces [Full Article...]

Flood affected- will any help come?

Editor,   The only Assembly news regarding the devastating flood in Garo Hills on 22nd September last year, appeared on this paper on March 18 last when John Leslee K Sangma castigated the government for mismanaging the flood relief operations. As one of those caught in the unprecedented floods in the Mendal-Bajengdoba area I wish to state upfront that no public representative or government official witnessed [Full Article...]