Letters to the Editor

Reshaping traditional institutions

Editor, It is a known fact that with time, there comes a wave of change that succeeds it. No culture is static. It must be responsive to new elements and therefore, must dynamically adjust itself to fit in with the present age and day. In line with the verdict of the Hon’ble High Court of Meghalaya concerning the powers and functions of the Rangbah [Full Article...]

Governor’s verdict?

Editor, After reading the letter, “The picture as we see it- @KHADC” (ST April 10, 2015) I feel that at the moment, we have a hung house and the question that arises in our minds is, “What do we get when we cast our votes?” We have seen a complete season of power hungry politicians who seem to have forgotten all important issues regarding [Full Article...]

Declassifying the Netaji Bose files

Editor, In 1972, a series of sensitive files were allegedly destroyed via dubious means by the then Indira Gandhi Government. This came to light after the report of the then Hon’ble Justice Mukherjee Commission was released. Everyday there seems to be new revelations about Subhash Chandra Bose’s mysterious death. This raises a pertinent question on the intentions of the then Nehru regime to try [Full Article...]

Who empowers vigilantes to break laws?

Editor, The story of vigilante organizations taking law into their own hands while police look the other way is a familiar tale in this part of the country. In the case of the MPUF raid on Ali Imam’s grocery store in Lad Rymbai, it is important to ask some pointed questions. Such as, on whose authority did MPUF conduct this raid? At this juncture, [Full Article...]

Headmen of Shillong

Editor, It was interesting to read about the claim of the KHADC Executive Member that the Rangbah Shnong are empowered under the Trading by Non-Tribal Regulation Act of 1952 to issue NOCs to those who apply for trading licences despite the ruling of the High Court of Meghalaya in December last year. The article was of interest to me since our family recently went [Full Article...]

Indecent behaviour in public spaces

Editor, Today, as I was passing via Wards Lake on my way to City Hut Dhaba I saw certain shameful sights which I believe have completely eroded the fabric of morality in our society. I have heard of such things taking place openly in the metropolitan cities (such as the Victoria Memorial Gardens in Kolkata where people make love in the open), but never [Full Article...]

People of Ampati are also Indians!

  Editor, Kudos to the Union Government for rescuing Indians from war torn Yemen! Now, it’s high time that Indians living in Ampati  start living freely as Indians ought to. Why has this terrible situation been allowed to drag on for so long ? The Indian citizens living in Ampati need answers from the Indian state as to why they should be living in [Full Article...]

Terrorist Godmen?

 Editor, It is with disbelief, outrage mixed with a sense of dejavu that I read the news report “Nine families scorn earthly life, ‘wait for apocalypse”. Simple, gullible rural people frightened out of their wits in giving up this ‘Earthly life’ and coerced, bullied and intimidated’ by some prophet of doom from God knows where! Shocking in this day and age to read about [Full Article...]