Letters to the Editor

What can the MDC deliver?

Editor, The public rally called none other than the KHADC CEM Mr. Ardent Basaiawmoit is something that no politician in his political career has ever done. His aggressive speech resonates in the minds and hearts of the people present. That was all fine but every public representative whether an MLA or MDC has failed to meet the aspirations of the people; some may have [Full Article...]

Goalpara was never Bengali dominated

Editor, Apropos your lead story, “BJP MP’s strategy to thwart ‘Greater Bangla’ Plan”, (ST Sep 14, 2014), the statement made by former Minister, Manas Chaudhuri that Goalpara, along with Sylhet, Cachar, Khasi and Garo Hills were Bengali dominated areas in 1874 is incorrect.  Goalpara was at no point of time a Bengali dominated area. For a responsible person to make such a misleading statement [Full Article...]

Al Qaeda threat

Editor, Apropos the Al Qaeda threat of invading the North Eastern region, the State Government has said it would take necessary steps to ensure that the State is prepared to meet any terrorist threat. Rohan Gunaratna the head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) rightly described Al Qaeda as a galvanized movement. The death of Osama Bin Laden has [Full Article...]

Obstacle in development of Shillong

Editor, It is sad that certain people in Shillong are not abiding by rules and regulations set by the government. These are the very privileged ‘people’ who drive ‘government vehicles ‘(supposedly) themselves. In spite of the letters and reports in newspapers that criticise the unnecessary use of red beacons, a vehicle was seen plying on the empty roads of the town, going at full [Full Article...]

Garo Hills loses out!

Editor, The video showing GNLA militants brutally beating up villagers of Pakregre in East Garo Hills made national headlines as national televisions splashed this shameful scene repeatedly. The video recovered from a slain militant also went viral in the social media. This cruelty in the footage has further tarnished the image of Garo Hills. Garo Hills only stands to lose. No one will come [Full Article...]

Playing to the gallery!

Editor, The headlines – grabbing antics of the C.E.M of the KHADC are sufficient indication of his penchant for the dramatic and barely hides his bulging megalomania. In fact, nothing is as regular in the local newspapers as Ardent Basaiawmoit, not even the weather report. Interestingly, he appears to have torn pages out of Arvind Kejriwal’s book so much so that Arvind and Ardent [Full Article...]

Shillong’s “Times Square”

Editor, Your front page news item of September  14, 2014,  “Shillong to Have its Own Times Square” is a  bold initiative of Chief Minister Dr. Mukul  Sangma. We shall await its completion within the stipulated time-frame.  But what caught my attention was the mention of Wah Umkhrah River which passes through the Polo Ground areas. Great that the Meghalaya government has woken up to [Full Article...]

Is a clean Shillong an impossible dream?

Editor, All will agree that there is reduction in littering and improvement in garbage disposal after the decision taken by the KHADC under Ardent Basaiawmoit’s able leadership.  The state machinery is, I believe stronger than that of the KHADC or the Mylliem Syiemship so if the Government has the will Shillong will be cleaner in the near future. This is evident when Central Government [Full Article...]