Letters to the Editor

God save us from such heroes!

Editor,   Jerome’s Diengdoh “Unforgettable heroes of Hynniewtrep (ST, July 28, 2015)  made amazing reading. In an irony of sorts, this ill timed piece of junk was carried in the same issue which headlined ‘Abdul Kalam breathes his last in Shillong’. The writer has gone to great lengths to paint his so called ‘Unforgettable Heroes’ with qualities of the head and the heart, but [Full Article...]

A callous disrespect!

Editor, Many  Shillongites have written in to say how Dr. Kalam’s dying in Shillong has brought Shillong on the global map. Not strictly true as Shillong is quite well known even otherwise – thank you! The fact that he travelled all the way to Shillong here to breathe his last is what is significant  and what should make us feel blessed. Dr. Kalam had [Full Article...]

Lesson from a great soul

  Editor, It is indeed unfortunate that India has lost one of its most illustrious sons in the sudden demise of former President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The spontaneous outbursts of sympathy displayed by the people of Shillong on 27th and 28th July while the mortal remains were still here, speak volumes of the human values that the late President stood for in his [Full Article...]

Rejoicing on mourning day

Editor, It was a sudden and unexpected death for Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. There was shock and disbelief when the editor of this newspaper broke the news on Facebook that the former President collapsed while giving a lecture at the IIM Shillong on 27th July. Initially there was some confusion but finally the official confirmation came that Dr Kalam succumbed to cardiac unrest. The [Full Article...]

Unforgetable heroes of Hynniewtrep

  Editor, On 17th July we celebrated U Tirot Sing Day, co-incidentally even as most of our eminent legislators and prominent people were frolicking in the Cherrapunjee marathon carnival, a hundred km away from Nongkhlaw the then seat of administration of U Tirot Sing. Apart from U Tirot Sing, Kiang Nongbah and Wycliffe Syiem of Nongstoin who had left behind immortal footprints in this [Full Article...]

Spare the Mawpat reserved forests!

Editor, I read with great joy last year that the Hima Mylliem had joined hands with the KHADC to convert the Law Syiem at Lum Mawpat into a Law Adong, which effectively meant that Shillong North would finally have a Reserved Forest in its vicinity. I know that lush green range very well, having lived for 10 years at its foothills, having drawn water [Full Article...]

Keating Road’s ‘Happy Hours’

  Editor,  For those who already know and for the many who take part in this event, kudos to them! For those who have not had the experience yet, well… the happy hours in this locality start from 9 pm onwards and continues until the wee hours. It is a grand carnival where people from all walks of life come to enjoy this great extravaganza. Here [Full Article...]

Killer highway!

  Editor, The ink had hardly dried on my letter to the editor dated  July 23rd instant(Society on a Tailspin) when this morning I was assailed by another tale of a dangerous near miss on the now infamous G.S. Road a few days ago. This time it was a brother in law of mine who was driving down to the Bhoi area with his [Full Article...]