Letters to the Editor

Manipur imbroglio

Editor, Apropos the editorial titled, ‘Manipur’s congenital disorder’ (ST Sep 2, 2015) the situation in Manipur is a total collapse of law and order in Churachandpur, one of the biggest district of Manipur where eight people including as minor aged 12 years old had died. As pointed out in the editorial, the people both from the valley and hills have suffered from continued bandhs, strikes [Full Article...]

Sub standard repair of NH 44

Editor,   The repair work of NH-44 road (Portion from Puriang to Mukhla) is of a substandard quality. The portion of the road repaired, the length of which is 12 Kms was done by M/s Dhar Construction Company (DCC) for improvement of riding quality programme (IRQP) for the year 2014-15 from 41st – 53rd Km of Shillong-Jowai as per job No.TA-044/MG/2014-15/123. But only after [Full Article...]

Public Durbar in public places! What’s the Dist Council House for?

Editor, It is both strange and surprising, nay, irresponsible for anyone – individual or authority including that of the President of India  who holds the purse strings, to go berserk as to use money so recklessly as the KHADC is doing now. This is evident from the mind-blogging mass media coverage of the District Council authorities’ call to the public to swarm the polo [Full Article...]

Kudos to Don Bosco

Editor, In an article captioned, “Don Bosco Desecration, Intellectual Response and the Act of Otherisation” (ST Sep 1, 2015) by Dr. Jyotimoy Prodhani, the writer has caught the bull by the horns. It is edifying and bold indeed on his part to stand up for the Truth. By this audacious act he has joined the throng of the righteous who are fearless even to [Full Article...]

IoA & Standstill Agreement: Clarification

Editor, In a letter under the caption, “Clarification Needed” (ST Aug. 28, 2015) by A.W. Rani, the writer had asked for some clarification of the statements made by me in my very brief speech at the seminar referred to by him in which I had introduced the idea of international involvement in the process of signing of IoA and the phrase “peripheral non-princely states”. [Full Article...]

Submerged expressway!

Editor, The Jorabat-Umiam Expressway is one ‘Expressway’ which gets submerged after a sharp shower to such an extent that vehicular traffic gets disrupted! One has to think twice before travelling on this road during the monsoon season. No kind of weather forecasting can predict the exact location where it will rain. So we are left to the mercy of  nature and our fortune. But [Full Article...]

Shillong needs smart communication

   Editor, Shillong has been chosen as one among 98 cities in India under ‘smart cities’ project. Urban Affairs Minister, Ms Ampareen Lyngdoh said that the next step is to prepare an innovative plan. So what kind of plan does the Minister have in mind?  Government should not be in a hurry to hand over 100 % of the project to some outside agency [Full Article...]

Clarification Needed

Editor, This has reference to the speech of Mr. Morning Star Sumer in the seminar on the theme “The Instrument of Accession, the Sixth Schedule and the Khasi People” held on the 22nd August 2015 in Mission Dorbar Hall, Mission Compound, Shillong organized by the Khasi Publishers Allied Society. Through your esteemed daily may we request him to kindly substantiate his averment that the [Full Article...]