Letters to the Editor

Development bypassing us!

Editor, I was born in Shillong and have grown up in the vicinities of Mawbah (Barapathar), Upper Mawprem and Jhalupara. Every locality in Shillong is traditionally well maintained with good, open roads, street lights, proper parking facilities, and a clean and hygienic environment. I wonder why the same type of maintenance and facilities are not available in my area. I also wonder whether the [Full Article...]

Insensitive Prime Minister

  Editor, The insensitive silence of Mr Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of a secular India, on the “accidental murder” at Dadri, near Delhi  last week speaks volumes of what he and his government think of the minorities in India. His actions or the lack of it actually sums up the uncaring attitude of this Government In fact when he is the “Brightest Bulb” [Full Article...]

Do District Councils matter?

  Editor, Polling for the elections to the Garo Hills District Council is to be held on 12th October 2015. In the Tura constituency, there are as many as seven or eight candidates mostly Independents. The last few days has not seen very frantic electioneering by the candidates. In fact if one visits Tura at this time he will not even know that there [Full Article...]

Etymology of the word ‘Dorbar’

Editor, The word dorbar is commonly used by the Khasis and Jaintias for their traditional institutions for running their village administration. But the concept is not followed by all. In Jowai, only recently we switched to Dorbar and in a hasty manner. Formerly, the local clubs of the different localities run the administration of their localities. There are conflicting views about the origin of [Full Article...]

History indeed repeats itself

  Editor, I write in protest against the letter from Jerome Diengdoh, “History indeed repeats itself” published in your esteemed newspaper. There is no comparison between the Turks that Diengdoh cites and present day REFUGEES (not armed soldiers) from war-torn Syria, caught between ISIS and Assad’s thugs. Citing history is inappropriate, because modern warfare and modern refugee situations are historically unprecedented. Yes Europe has [Full Article...]

District Councils irrelevant!

Editor, The Public Interest Litigation filed by Michael Syiem President of Mait Shaphrang Movement for abolition of District Councils can be termed as a move in the right direction. Syiem has questioned the political and social logic of having multiple organs of governance and administration. I recollect an event organized before the MDC elections where the subject pertaining to the need of having district [Full Article...]

Clarification from RLSSCO

 Editor, The recent letter appearing in the Shillong Times captioned “Notice to Sanbor Shullai” (ST September 29, 2015) by T.R Skhemlon is a political conspiracy against Mr Sanbor Shullai to tarnish his image. Mr T.R Skhemlon is unaware of the fact that the plot of land where the RLSSCO building is standing was allotted to Mr. George Arthur Warjri as he was the General [Full Article...]

History indeed repeats itself

 Editor, A time tested adage which says: ‘History repeats itself’ is not just a clichéd view but a veritable fact proven by the latest unceasing waves of refugee influx in tens of thousands from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and even from our neighboring Bangladesh into the rich Western European Countries. These insurmountable waves, which have assumed the dynamics of a Tsunami surging into [Full Article...]