Letters to the Editor

Police Bazar jottings

Editor, Police Bazar has become a common dumping ground. Where is the civic sense? It may be noteworthy to mention that Police Bazar is also a commercial area where huge buildings have come up (some overnight) whereby construction materials are dumped on the tiled areas to facilitate construction. Restaurants/ Hotels are supplied with big commercial cylinders thrown from gas supplying vehicles on the tiled [Full Article...]

Pathetic roads in Shillong

Editor, I would like to bring to the notice of the PWD that the road condition all over Shillong is in a deplorable mess. You go to any road, Jail Road, Laban, Kench’s Trace, Polo Ground, Rynjah etc.and you will find the roads are not just pot-holed but have huge craters which are dangerous to vehicles. The quality of roads in Meghalaya is second [Full Article...]

DC & SP Ri Bhoi, wake up!

Editor, Regarding the news article “Sacked youths demand reinstatement” (ST Oct 27, 2014) I wonder why the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police of Ri Bhoi District have preferred to act deaf and dumb on the matter despite heated debates in the newspapers over many days. I blame these two govt officials specifically for letting the matter get out of hand by their inaction. [Full Article...]

NE United’s genius No 10

Editor, Let me start by complimenting the owners or whoever is responsible for the transfer of players of Northeast United F.C. The foreign players they have brought in have complimented each other brilliantly, with the exception of James Keene who by no means is a bad footballer but does appear to be a square peg in a system of round holes. The one player, [Full Article...]

Holistic approach better than populist agenda

Editor, RBSU has objected to hiring of non-tribal workers on grounds of stealing employment away from locals. This appears to be a fine argument on the face of it. Fighting for local causes will always have mass support, as RBSU is all too aware. But let’s also discuss wages, skills and work ethics of local workers. Are unskilled/ semi-skilled local workers willing to put [Full Article...]

A Charade Called NGO

Editor, The issue of NGOs and their scope and nature of operations is a sensitive and subjective subject-matter.  I would like to add to the existing discourse through examination of a phenomenon ‘why NGOs and why not’. Its rational perusal leads to a general inference that they are more of a charade masquerading around with ulterior motives thereby clogging the smooth functioning of the [Full Article...]

Truant department

Editor, The Education Department is involved in a lot of anomalies. Firstly, the Department had advertised for admissions to the 2- year Diploma course in Elementary Education in the DIET through the local newspapers in March 2014. In the advertisement it was not mentioned that the application forms are to be sold to the candidates. Surprisingly the application forms were sold for Rs 5 [Full Article...]

RBSU should share their vision

Editor This letter contains my personal views on the current RBSU Vs. NKC Pvt. Ltd. debate. Bill Syiem in his letter “NGO Threats: Time to call their bluff” (ST Oct 15, 2014) had roundly criticized RBSU for their high-handedness and interference in operational matters of a private company. He blamed local NGOs (including RBSU) for using threats and violence to muscle in on Govt. [Full Article...]