Letters to the Editor

How long will we be imprisoned on National Days?

Editor I am amazed to find colourful advertisements in The Shillong Times for Republic Day events to be held in Shillong, Jowai and other parts of Meghalaya inviting people to take part in the extravaganza. I am happy because this represents the true spirit of Meghalaya which speaks of nationalism and its values. It also speaks about the aspirations of the people of Meghalaya [Full Article...]

Circuit House for VIPs only?

Editor, Finally the state of Meghalaya has formally inaugurated their newly-constructed Russell Street Meghalaya House in Kolkata on 12th January 2015 amidst much vaunted publicity and lavish spending with a gala dinner spread and entertainment programmes. The people of Meghalaya unfortunately do not have the liberty, privilege, access (call it what you will) to ever experience a transit stay in this posh address in [Full Article...]

Coal mining a curse

Editor, A journey to Guwahati after the NGT ban on coal mining was a peaceful, less stressful one. One can move about freely to and from Shillong without being stuck for hours. The Guwahati- Shillong road is the nerve centre of this part of the country, and  the busiest in the north east, handling thousands of daily traffic. Meghalaya being a landlocked state, we [Full Article...]

Will the authorities clarify?

Editor, Apropos the news item in your esteemed daily, “DBTL relaunched in Meghalaya” (ST Jan 11, 2015) “stating that consumers in Shillong will be getting an amount of Rs. 536  as subsidy for LPG cylinders supplied to them and the amount would be deposited in their registered bank accounts. But consumers are not told at what cost the cylinder would be delivered. This scheme [Full Article...]

Failed Diplomacy

Editor, The recent record-breaking 3.7 million public protest rally in France which witnessed Heads of States from around the world join the people’s march in solidarity against the terrorists attacks on the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists  failed to arouse the conscience of our Prime Minister as India did not send any high-ranking Govt. Minister to represent our nation. It was disgraceful to watch the news [Full Article...]

ADCs should abide by Sixth Schedule

Editor, Apropos the article, “The District Council: an avatar of “Ka Dorbar-ki-Bakhraw” by Fabian Lyngdoh, (ST an 17, 2015), the writer has dealt extensively and aptly on the subject and I am in sync with his opinion. The British officers for their colonial interests have abused their powers in the guise of Westminster parliamentary democracy acting solely for the interest of the East India [Full Article...]

Laughing Stock of the Country

Editor, An uproar over tradition has once again overtaken the good citizens of Meghalaya.  In the midst of this pandemonium, a patriot with impeccable traditional credentials has raised the ante through his discovery of two aspects in Khasi tradition. First that we are the proud upholders of ‘Partyless’ democracy. “Eureka” we have a Meghalayan Voltaire in the making. Second, that under para 2 of [Full Article...]


Editor, This is in response to the article published in The Shillong Times (ST Jan 16, 2015) and the allegations raised by two NGOs. The decision for instituting parking fees was initiated by the hospital authorities after they pleaded that there is so much of rampant double parking , disorderly and rampant wrong parking that even hospital ambulances and vehicles including 108 vehicles have [Full Article...]