Letters to the Editor

Rangbah Shnong and land transactions

Editor, There has been a lot of discussions about the role of The Rangbah Shnong and the Village Dorbar but none have so far talked about the role they play in facilitating the sale and purchase of land and landed properties. Every time any plot of land is sold or bought the Rangbah Shnong and Village Durbar are actively involved in the process from [Full Article...]

Dangerously opinionated article

Editor, In the article,  ‘Reasons for Meghalaya’s Underdevelopment,’ (ST June 29, 2015), Mr H H Mohrmen disagreed with the weighing of limestone at Dawki by volume metric system. A committee of three officers, consisting of the Chief Conservator of Forests, the Director Mineral Resources and the Commissioner of Transport went to Dawki and found that weighing about 800 limestone trucks and 150 coal trucks a [Full Article...]

Is Fr PD Johny unfairly treated?

  Editor, Anyone who has followed the recent rebellion by teachers of Don Bosco College ,Tura  will obviously wonder why and find out the reasons and also facts. Even before he was appointed as the Principal of DBC, Tura there was stiff opposition from the institute lecturers. I wonder why? Was it because they already knew about his stern management which many call dictatorial? [Full Article...]

MUDA’s building bye-laws

  Editor, Agree with the letter by Clarice Lyngdoh, “MUDA the culprit here,” (ST June 25, 2015), regarding the sealing of high rise buildings by the Meghalaya High Court. This has indeed come as a serious blow to building owners as well as tenants as the sealing was carried out with immediate effect leaving the occupants with very less time to arrange for alternative [Full Article...]

Hazards of not using hazard lights

Editor, I wish to draw the attention of the bosses of the Shillong Traffic Police to their incompetent and illiterate traffic personnel posted at various junctions of the city, especially, the Jiengkieng and Dhankheti junctions who insist that motorists use their “hazard lights” to indicate that they intend to go straight and those who don’t follow this strange and funny rule are subject to [Full Article...]

Who is held ransom to whom?

Editor, The stalemate in Don Bosco College, Tura fits the description of a ‘fiasco’ as it is something that could have been averted and/or nullified at the very inception. That it has snowballed into this is an abject portrayal of the lack of reconciliation efforts by both sides. In agitations like these there is always a group of sufferers and shouts of being held [Full Article...]

A University in decline

Editor, The results of final year degree course examinations conducted by NEHU in February- March this year are normally expected to be out in May. Last year, the results were late by a few weeks and were declared sometime in the first week of June. This year the month of June is about to end but the announcement of university results is still a [Full Article...]

Change is always good

Editor, Father P.D. John, more popularly known as Father Johnny was the Vice Principal of the St. Anthony’s Higher Secondary School in Our hangout was none other than the Vice Principal’s office which was then manned by Fr Johnny. I now feel that was the best hangout we could have chosen as we learnt a lot of things that classrooms could not offer for [Full Article...]