Letters to the Editor

Khasi Matrilineal society is not Matriarchal

Editor, Using the expression of the two adjectives ‘matriarchal’ and ‘matrilineal’ from the Advance Oxford Dictionary we can clearly say that the Khasi society is a matrilineal society and not matriarchal. Many people never analyze this fact and they take for granted that these two different words have the same meaning and expression for the Khasi society. Therefore when the concept is not clear [Full Article...]

Arbitrary fee hike

Editor I read with interest and sadness the article by V M Wahlang,regarding the “arbitrary fee hike” by Loreto Convent. Back in the sixties our monthly school fees at Loreto was Rs. 60 per month! Yours etc., Deepa Majumdar, Via email Spreading peace through music Editor, Kudos to our home-grown Shillong Chamber Choir for the wondrous and delightful music this Award winning group has [Full Article...]

Arbitrary fee hike by Loreto Convent

Editor, I would like to bring to your notice the arbitrary, and somewhat illegal, behaviour of the management of Loreto Convent, Shillong. A notice was circulated to the parents of students of the school that Loreto Convent would be levying an additional sum of Rs 500 per month in addition to the regular fees towards ‘upgradation of the school to class XII’ and construction [Full Article...]

Garo Hills in flames

Editor, Nearly a year has passed since the rape and brutal killing of a little girl studying in grade IV of Gokol English School. She was going to attend Sunday school and was passing through a shortcut which villagers going to Chisimapal were still using even after the main road bridge had been reconstructed. The girl never reached home. Two days later her naked [Full Article...]

A Somalia in the making

Editor Anandi Gabil Momin’s letter “Militancy an attractive option” raises serious doubts about the future of law-abiding citizens at the hands of this uncaring government. It is clear that the Government  respects the power of the gun above all else. It is more concerned about buying a temporary truce with killer gangs than making them pay for their crimes. Not only the Government , [Full Article...]

Militancy an attractive option

Editor, Looking at the trackrecord of punishmentimposed on the militantsand their mushroomingorganizations, it is nowonder why more youngpeople are today joiningmilitant outfits. Look at thepunishment for theircriminal activities so far.Can anyone recollect whena militant has beenpunished after beingarrested? The GNLAchairman, Mr ChampionSangma is coolly enjoyinghis status as a privilegedprisoner. He is not treatedas a criminal who had doneharm to the society and itspeople. I [Full Article...]

The Sixth Schedule and ADCs

Editor, Apropos the special article “Sixth Schedule of the Constitution: A double-edged sword” by Patricia Mukhim (ST Aug 8,2014) , the author rightly pointed out that the 6th Schedule was never meant to be an instrument that would be needed in perpetuity and that the Indian Constitution or the Election Commission have no clear interpretation as to whether a sitting member of the District [Full Article...]

Bidding Adieu

Editor, Shillong has been my home for the last two years as I was on an official posting in an all India Development Financial Institution. As I now leave for my hometown Mumbai on my next posting, the feelings are mixed. On the one hand I am elated to be back home with my family after my lonely existence in Shillong. On the other, [Full Article...]