Letters to the Editor

John K, the GCC and an Aloo economy

Editor, We read Patricia Mukhim’s Article,”Taking us back to a hoary past (ST Dec 12, 2014), went to sleep and had a dream. In that dream someone had turned back the clock for us and we suddenly found ourselves back to pre Independence days. As true patriotic indigenous people of Ki Khun U Hynniewtrep, we meekly subjected ourselves, to the faultless, pristine and perfect [Full Article...]

Why are coal trucks plying through Shillong?

Editor,   I am away from Shillong and  when I read online the letter  of Mr Toki Blah on  Bad Traffic Governance (ST 19th Dec2014), relating to the plying of coal laden trucks  through Shillong   for  the  last  ten days  I can imagine the harrowing  experience that the people  of Shillong are facing now. The traffic jams, the noise and the  pollution  would be [Full Article...]

Why are tainted politicians still in power?

Editor, West Bengal Minister Madan Mitra has been arrested for the multi-crore rupee Saradha chit fund scam and is presently under CBI custody. Political heavyweights from Assam and Odisha are also being grilled by CBI in this connection. This makes the common person hopeful that our own corrupt politicians too will one day be brought to justice. The question remains – when will that [Full Article...]

Response to James Perry’s matriliny discourse

Editor, Mr. James Perry’s brief commentary on our Khasi practice of Matriliny is not only commendable, it also ought to make us pause and think whether our age-old practice should at all be subjected to debate. Not that anybody asked, but shouldn’t our blood lineage legacy be considered too sacred to be tampered with? We need to consider hard questions such as whether anybody [Full Article...]

Why did the HM take the easy way out?

Editor, I was shocked to read of the resignation of Home Minister, Roshan Warjri on grounds that some policemen were killed by militants in Garo Hills. Does this mean acceptance of failure to contain militancy? If not, Ms Roshan Warjri should not have acted in haste thereby demoralizing the entire police establishment in the State. What Warjri should have done is to pull up [Full Article...]

A sign only for passengers?

Editor, ‘No Smoking!’ Everyone is familiar with this sign in Shillong. We see this sign in various places—offices, shops, hospitals, etc. But the most common places to find them are in taxi cabs. I appreciate the fact that this sign is put up in taxis but what is the use of the ‘No Smoking’ sign if people ignore it. Recently, my mother and I [Full Article...]

Light miles away from Swacch Bharat

Editor, Recently I had the misfortune to travel by train from Bangalore to Guwahati, and the added punishment to be allotted seat number 4 in the reservation list. From the time I entered the bogey I felt as if I was entering a poorly maintained toilet. My seat is adjacent to the toilets. My miseries, along with all my fellow passengers in the first [Full Article...]

HYC and the Semester

Editor, The NEHU notification No.CDC/B.3/2011/Pt.I/-3117 dated 25th September, 2014 concerning implementation of semester system for bachelors degree programme from the academic session 2015-16 is indeed a matter of discussion. At the outset, the HYC should be commended for taking up the matter publicly. After all, the future of thousands of students is at stake and such structural changes cannot be a knee-jerk reaction. However, [Full Article...]