Letters to the Editor

Discrimination against the transgendered

Editor, Transgendered people in India are the most secluded, excluded, and marginalised section in society…unfortunately, they are most ridiculed in media too…they made to live in separate communities or locations, they had to resort to petty crimes for survival…there is always a self other hierarchy when from people with defined gender…on and off they suffer from mental and physical violence but to no respite. [Full Article...]

A novel idea

Editor, Chief Electoral Officer P Naik has suggested a good solution to increase the voting turnout in the State. The solution would reduce cost and the hassle of moving men and materials and make things easier for the dance of Indian democracy. The Election Commission of India should explore the idea of CEO, Meghalaya. After all an idea costs 75 paisa and to implement [Full Article...]

A traveller’s note

Editor, I’m part of a small group that has been travelling and trekking (not in a ‘touristy’ way) for over a week, through parts of Meghalaya – some well known, others less known. We find the culture interesting, particularly the ways in which it has maintained a rich natural environment, such as sacred forests and in living with nature in an unexploitative way, more [Full Article...]

Kudos Mr Warjri!

Editor, Now that the District Councils Elections and the Parliamentary Elections have been conducted in the state without a hitch, Mr Barkos Warjri, Meghalaya’s Acting Chief Secretary deserves to be warmly congratulated for the overall success of both elections. More so because he was deprived by those in power in government from being promoted to the post of Chief Secretary of the state. Mr [Full Article...]

Pollution will kill us !

Editor, The word “Pollution” is no longer an unknown term to us. Even a kid from Kindergarten could brief us about pollution. As days go by, we as a state, are facing different environmental threats. The sad thing is that we do nothing and pretend everything is alright. Air pollution, water pollution, climate change etc is happening right in front our eyes, yet we [Full Article...]

Absurd statements

Editor, Boys will be boys. Boys will make mistakes. Is that what we heard from Samajwadi Party ‘legend’ Mulayam Singh Yadav in the 21st century? Was he campaigning for his party or for patriarchy? Any person with a rational outlook will consider such comment illogical and misogynistic. It supports violence against women and considers them ‘ dependent on the mercy of men. One interesting [Full Article...]

A forked tongue,

Editor The elections are over. The waiting game begins. Strange as it may sound, the highlights of this election are not issues and policies or for that matter political parties and their ideologies (if they have any). Instead, it is infighting and fence jumping that dominated the pre-election scenario in the State. Take the case of the Congress where the High Command had to [Full Article...]

Well Done, Cleve Colony

Editor, Apropos the letter “Wake up Cleve Colony” (ST 21sT Feb 2014), purportedly written by one N.S Nongsteng, I am to rejoin that cases of criminal incidents occasionally happen in every locality and I am surprised that the writer wanted to publicise the particular incidents in Cleve Colony. I know this locality and its residents well and from what I have heard about the [Full Article...]