Sunday canvas

When he whistled down the wind

Rajdeep Pathak recounts his encounter with the phenomenal Lord Richard Attenborough MY FIRST encounter with Sir Richard Attenborough was through his epic creation of Gandhi. A realistic film which captured the movement for the liberation of India under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi still holds the audience to their seats. No doubt the 1982 film won two Academy Awards in 1983, besides the prestigious [Full Article...]

Llandre in Wales makes DM Pariat wish to revisit the Shillong of 50 years ago IT WAS a sunny day with a cloudless blue sky in this Welsh valley and here I am, slouched in my chair on the lawn of the house with a tall glass of Welsh ale in front of me. The house is perched on one side of a valley [Full Article...]


 Calvin & Lawrence @ Old Radiation Lab  TEXTBOOKS DIVIDE and wars unite the most unexpected of stories. Two stories that began from the Old Radiation Laboratory in University of California, Berkeley are hardly ever housed together in our hallowed syllabi. So it is not unnatural that the story of atomic bomb and the dark cycle of photosynthesis are unconnected to the “science student” in [Full Article...]

The last frontier

Maanav Jalan recounts an exhilarating trip to Myanmar beyond Pangsau Pass on the border with Arunachal Pradesh THERE’S SOMETHING enchanting about the misty mountains of Arunachal.      Resounding with the wails of invisible birds, Arunachal Pradesh is a land of unassuming calm. The winds gush and the mountains quiver and its people seem to be completely unrelated to the Louis Vuitton-flaunting inhabitants of the [Full Article...]


What is peace? Does it involve hate? Does it involve ignorance? Is this what it is all made of? The breaking up of the church’s different denominations Excuse me people But this is not a competition For who can preach the word of God better Because it just becomes bitter. Where does peace live? Is there no place for it? But is this what [Full Article...]

Hashtag Shillong

Nathaniel Majaw connects with creative Instagrammers of the city ahead of World Photography Day PHOTOGRAPHS CAPTIVATE me. Whether it’s a photo of a burnt-out electrical wire or even 128 selfies; photographs never fail to tell me something about the photographer or what is being photographed.      Yup, photography has truly come a long way since its invention in the early 1800s. Whether you agree [Full Article...]

Tribute to Wahumkhrah

Steadily, I stepped into this world. In my path I often saw a not so clean, a stream. It would smell rot and be strewn with coloured elements of dirt. Oh! How have I grown along these years Proud of being what the world has made me into I learn and still learn what the world teaches me. I learnt that the stream is [Full Article...]

Pineapples & pina colada

GREEN CARDAMOMS/Gaurangi Maitra IT IS that time of the year again when mangoes give way to pineapples. So if you are on NH 39 from Dimapur to Kohima or NH 40 from Guwahati to Shillong, a mosaic of green and gold fruit spiked with a rosette of silver grey leaves weighs down bamboo shelves or rafters greets you from roadside stalls. Or should you [Full Article...]