Sunday canvas

A thought on life

Everybody has life; some take it for granted, while others take it as a gift; Everybody has a reason to live, knowing it is knowledge, but trying to find it is wisdom; Life has many meanings, it is us who derive it in different ways; but, those who are wise shall definitely come to a single and eternal conclusion; It is a game that [Full Article...]

Worthy watch

Willie Gordon Suting on reminiscing and finding an HMT I HAVE never owned an HMT watch. Why? As I didn’t exist in my father’s and mother’s generation. But I’m really fascinated with them, this I tell honestly. When I would look at my father’s old black and white photo, him holding a weather-beaten guitar, I would notice the thing in his left hand – [Full Article...]

Hard to tech it easy

Shweta Raj Kanwar on the apathy of the ideology of technology LIBERALISATION, PRIVATISATION and Globalisation – the LPG word that seemingly occupies an integral part of each one of us, makes me wonder with amazement as to where we are rushing to with this huge global advancement! And what are we actually leaving behind in the process of this self-centric attitude that has been [Full Article...]

Magic at Marngar

A cultural panorama showcased the dances of Ri Bhoi, says Sumar Sing Sawian   IT IS not only hopping, stepping and jumping, light footed, yet also graceful, the young artistes dancers of Ri Bhoi, coming for different village and settlements, to perform in the Cultural Panorama – an imaginative impulse of the Arts & Cultural Department of the government of Meghalaya, under the leadership [Full Article...]

Golden rockstar

Fellow artiste Rahul Guha Roy celebrates the 50 years of Lou Majaw’s life in music   LOU MAJAW’S celebration of fifty years in the music culture – for his music is more a culture than a business really – is remarkable for its avoidance of the kind of nostalgia that marks most golden jubilees. It is instead intended as a milestone that flags off [Full Article...]

Change first, change later

Melamshwa Allya appeals to GenX thinkers and doers I AM blessed to be with people who inspired me to think and do. What I learnt from them is that we must cultivate the power to think – to have original ideas and thoughs, to evaluate the merits of others’ thoughts, to think outside of the box to find solutions to the problems that the [Full Article...]

Sweet melody

It soothes my tired heart, Sometimes it tears me apart. It accompanies me in lonely times, It is worth more than a thousand dimes. Through it we spread our message to the world, Through it we spread our joy and pleasure And love that has no measure, No human heart can live without this treasure. There’s a song in every human heart, But to [Full Article...]

Google’s envoy

Google’s envoy Mradul Kanugo, pursuing B.Tech at National Institute of Technology Meghalaya, relates how he became one of two Google Student Ambassadors from the Northeast I CAME to Shillong from hometown Indore, Madhya Pradesh, six semesters ago. All these months at the National Institute of Technology (NIT Meghalaya) has made this city my second home, more so after I became the lone Google Student Ambassador (GSA) [Full Article...]