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Theatre of the Earth

Jyotirmoy Prodhani on theatre patriarch H Kanhailal who was in Shillong to showcase his creativity   CELEBRATED THEATRE director Ratan Thiyam is known for creating ‘Theatre of Roots’, a term popularised by two contemporary theatre critics Suresh Awasthi and Richard Schechner. But Heisnam Kanhailal, the patriarch of modern Indian theatre from Manipur, calls his movement the ‘Theatre of the Earth’. He elaborated: “My theatre [Full Article...]

Shillong’s beatitudes

If the city of Shillong ever desired to write her beatitudes, they would possibly look something like this.   Blessed are they who followed traffic rules for they shall be called good driver. Blessed are they who throw waste in dust bins for they shall be called noble citizens. Blessed are those employees who are punctual for they shall be called people’s officers. Blessed are [Full Article...]

Golden school

Lamphrang Nongspung relates the 50-year journey of Synod HS School  FROM A humble beginning, Shillong’s Synod Higher Secondary School at Mission Compound has in 50 years emerged among the top schools in the State. It has grown from strength to strength since it was set up by Welsh missionary Gwen C Evans in 1964.      The school made a landmark achievement in 2011 when [Full Article...]

Turning the lens on Achromatic Lens

 GREEN CARDAMOMS/Gaurangi Maitra WE ALL have this tremendous hunger to know where and how a story began. It is no different when we come to lenses and microscopes, only there are no single answers or storylines to satisfy our curiosity. So it is not unnatural that in 17th century Europe, lens-making for spectacles was a highly secretive and competitive trade.      This makes the [Full Article...]

Dance revival

 Carinthia B Nengnong and Doreen M Rapthap on the Beh-‘Sing Khalai dance of Umniuh-Tmar village south of Pynursla SECOND YEAR students of Bachelor of Social Work, St Edmund’s College, went for a rural camp to Umniuh-Tmar village (76km from Shillong) south of Pynursla in East Khasi Hills district. Fifty-nine students accompanied by three teachers participated in the camp from July 1-6 last year.      [Full Article...]

People’s bridge

ON 11 july 2014, villagers of Changsang range and Sangshen range in Nagaland’s Tuensang district, mobilized by ECS, got together at river Yijung to inaugurate a 45-feet long wooden Bailey bridge built solely on their own effort. They had begun work on the bridge in February after waiting in vain for government assistance.      Everyone in the seven villages had a role cut out [Full Article...]

Power play

Avner Pariat on the play Tied organized by the Jingiaseng Samla Nongthymmai Presbyterian Church THE EVENING of July 10 began with a torrent, and though heavy, it did not deter the people who thronged the U Soso Tham Auditorium, perhaps because it was a church event. It was something new for the Nongthymmai Church youth.      The music that led to the evening’s main [Full Article...]

In my city

Dheera Bhowmick waxes eloquent on what she considers the best place on earth  NESTLED AMONG the hills and lush green pine trees, is my chirpy, cheerful and charming city – the choicest one. Beautiful people with magnanimous hearts live here. You lean and look out from the window of any of the houses in the city a whiff of cool ,fresh air will greet [Full Article...]