Sunday canvas

Anahata, the fourth energy centre

 SAHAJA YOGA/Surendra Singh  THE FOURTH energy centre is Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra. It is only through the heart centre that the experience of bliss and the ecstasy of pure love can be experienced. This centre emphasizes the concept of duty; child to the parents, parents to the children, husband to the wife and vice-versa. This is necessary for the integration and preservation of [Full Article...]

Who is the mother?

 Ananya S Guha reviews Gita Aravamudan’s book Baby Makers  BABY MAKERS is a conscience-stricken book which talks about surrogacy in entirety, including ethical issues. It anatomizes surrogacy laws in different countries, in Asia, USA and UK. It speaks of commercial surrogacy and highlights aspects such as ‘ surrogacy tourism ‘ which is a booming and lucrative industry in India.      The book unleashes a [Full Article...]

Is your child wearing the right shoes?

 Poorly fitting shoes causes foot damage in children, says Jaipur-based consultant child specialist Vivek Sharma  Give a girl right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe SHOES ARE a natural blessing for us because feet generally aren’t regarded as a place where the battle for self esteem is won or lost.      Foot problems will affect most of us at some point [Full Article...]

Class carol

 Summersalt member Kit Shangpliang on Aroha’s Christmas Special  IT WAS an early arrival for carols this year at U Soso Tham Auditorium, where the Christmas colour – red with patches of green and white – and spirit warmed the cold air on a cultured December night. Shillong’s choir group, the Aroha Choir left a heartfelt impression on the audience during their Christmas concert ‘A [Full Article...]

Laitumkhrah’s spaces for art

Willie Gordon Suting goes a café-hopping for the ethereal  FROM THE many novels that I saw on the bookshelf in Swish Café – The Inheritance of Loss, The God of Small Things, A Bowstring Winter – I picked out Anjum Hasan’s Lunatic in My Head, and I read it having ordered a cup of Irish coffee. I am most amused and at the same [Full Article...]

Frames of winter

Frames of winter Photo essay by Rajdeep Dutta, a former resident of Shillong Sunrise at Fourth Furlong area of Shillong with the hill and power towers of Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd at the backdrop and human settlements in the valley. The road near AG Office with the sun penetrating its rays through the lush green trees of Ward’s Lake as walkers enjoy the early morning chill. A [Full Article...]

The moving tail

GREEN CARDAMOMS/Gaurangi Maitra THEY FLY, they flit, they flirt and they signal the arrival of winter on this sub continent. Smartly turned out in white and black plumage and constantly moving their tails up and down (motacilla) they are aptly named the white wagtails or Motacilla alba. They fly in to enjoy the incomparable continental winter, frequenting open fields where it can watch, chase [Full Article...]

Third energy centre of subtle body

SAHAJA YOGA/Surendra Singh WITH THE growth of population, society grew and nations developed. Hence it was necessary to organize society and lay down proper guidelines for its harmonious functioning. The gap, caused by the sense of separate identity, prevented man from realizing his source and living in harmony with the laws of evolution. Through rationality it could not be discovered, as rationality is not [Full Article...]