Sunday canvas

Kashmir on fingertips

Mehvish’s Android app is the talk of the town, says Sana Altaf  ONE OF the realities of Kashmir today is the movement of thousands of Kashmiri youth to other parts of the country in order to seek better career opportunities for themselves, especially in the field of information technology. One young woman, Mehvish Mushtaq, 23, is determined to buck this trend. Instead, the one [Full Article...]

Change is what?

Suchismita Pai meets the anytime money college kids  REMEMBER THOSE good old college days? The fire breathing hostel matron, who had you scurrying into your room well within the 7 pm curfew; the note from the local guardian that you simply had to produce if you ever wanted to stay out late; or the long wait for that horrible mess food, which you wolfed [Full Article...]

Curative cascade

Waterfalls with perceived healing powers can make the unexplored Laitryngew village a major tourist draw, says GP Nongrum  DURING 2009, I spent time to prepare for a project on sustainable tourism development, collecting material for market research, feasibility, challenges and other related issues pertaining to tourism business activities in our region.      I traveled to many tourist spots in the Northeast and other parts [Full Article...]

Idealistic bureaucrat

May 16 was Meghalaya’s first chief secretary Nari K Rustomji’s birth anniversary. Glenn C Kharkongor recalls his contribution to the Northeast  NARI K Rustomji studied classical Latin and Greek, was secretary of the Musical Society and played the piano and violin at Cambridge University. Such a background would be considered unusual for a bureaucrat today. Perhaps it was these sensibilities that made Rustomji one [Full Article...]

Purrfect pet

Does a cat have nine lives or curiosity kills it, asks Mohsin Maqbool Elahi  AS YOU are headed to school or office or the bazaar, you are bound to come across not one, not two but several cats, mostly stray. If you are walking, you might come across a feline which brushes itself against your legs or if you happen to be driving, it [Full Article...]

‘I am not a hi-fi girl’

Shruti Haasan is a fiercely sensitive and independent woman. Having already made a mark in the South, she is trying her luck again in Bollywood with Ramaiya Vastavaiya and D-Day. Sreya Basu chats up with the actress in Mumbai  WHAT MADE you pick a script like Ramaiya Vastavaiya where you are paired with a newcomer (Girish Kumar)? There are a lot of reasons, the [Full Article...]

Honest confession

Aamir, Bollywood’s most cerebral Khan, talks to Zeenat Zafar on 25 years of movie  THIS YEAR marks 25 years since your first movie. I have no clue how 25 years went by, but it is surely a moment of honour for me. I can’t believe I have made it successfully to this day. It feels like I joined just yesterday. When I first came [Full Article...]

Fun & games help in science info

PLAYING GAMES is helping to engage communities with the complex scientific information used to forecast natural disasters, as well as encouraging people to take steps to mitigate future risks, experts say. Tools ranging from simple probability-based role play scenarios to state-of-the-art digital apps that model the Earth’s changing environment were presented to the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. “What [Full Article...]