Sunday canvas

Now that I have a moment

  The realist in Timothy Nigel Shadap wants to make a difference to a world torn asunder by hatred and insensitivity LIVING IN modern urban culture, it is easy to forget, sometimes, that there is a world beyond one’s ‘narrow domestic walls’ (to use Rabindranath Tagore’s pithy phrase). I am intensely interested in the world, but the daily circumlocutions of work and home, distances [Full Article...]

Oh woman

Oh woman! Get up and stand up for your right We all expect you to stand up and fight Oh woman! Don’t ever let yourself down Who are you to be played and fooled around? The world looks up to you with respect The hands that rock the cradle, we expect You got to be brave, you are not that weak Woman, you got [Full Article...]

Breathtaking ride

LIMOUSINE TAKES off from where The Insomniac leaves. Read on: “Dying, losing, cheating, mediocrity, even death is easy. I don’t like things that are easy”… Immediately after the Donovan affair gets over, Alan and the detectives of the NYPD find themselves investigating a new homicide case. It is about a killer who poisons his victims and stabs them after they are dead. As the [Full Article...]

Nights of fun

Shillong is getting big on cultural events for twin causes, says Joe Hynniewta IN A city that knows how to have fun, it is surprising to many that Shillong’s night life does not have a lot to offer. However, in the space of a few weeks, the Pine City has hosted two mega-cultural events that entertained tens of thousands.      Shillong has always had [Full Article...]

Whodunit wonder

Sujan Bhattacharya on a 16-year-old Calcuttan whose thrillers are making waves CAN YOU believe a lad of barely 16-and-a-half years sitting within the confines of his large, old ancestral house in a small locale in north Kolkata is making waves worldwide? That’s true. His pen — rather, his computer keypad — is talking. Two crime thrillers of this boy wonder are selling like hot [Full Article...]

Writing to earn

Nehginpao Kipgen on how to become an international writer THIS IS to encourage the emerging writers and scholars of a small community, such as ours. To be able to make an impact in this global village, it is imperative that one competes internationally in his or her area of expertise. Writing is something one can earn international credibility, recognition, reputation, and financial incentives. Many [Full Article...]

Passionate poet

Ananya S Guha discovers a sensitive person in the translated poems yesteryear’s film star Meena Kumari  I BEGIN on a very personal note. Today I am in Jorhat in a posting for the university I work in. In the 1970s when I was a college student I first watched the moviePakeezah in Sibsagar which is around 50-60 kilometres away from Jorhat. When I saw [Full Article...]

Vishuddhi chakra

 SAHAJA YOGA/Surendra Singh THIS ENERGY centre is also known as ‘vishuddhi chakra’. It is situated at the level of the throat. This centre controls all our articulation and our communication, the movement of our hands and arms, our facial expression and our speech as well as the sense of taste, smell and hearing. It controls our ENT system. The vishuddhi chakra represents that time [Full Article...]