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Sahaja Yoga is true meditation

– Shillong Sahaja Yoga Trust  SAHAJA IN Sanskrit means spontaneous and also born with, Yoga means union with God. The potential to the spiritual awakening and ascent is inborn in every human being. This potential is possible to be actualized through a unique living process of Sahaja Yoga. This unique discovery has been done by Nirmala Devi (in 1970). The process of Sahaja Yoga [Full Article...]

Root bridge

 Ki Batemon U Hynñiewtrep was more than a blend of tradition and creativity, says Kit Shangpliang IN A situation where cultural polarities exist, we the people who appreciate arts live in the best of times and the worst of times. A festival of traditional music and cultural dance conceived and staged by the Hynñiewtrep Cultural & Welfare Organisation (HTCWO) precisely confirms the better section [Full Article...]

Viva slow food!

Edibles from Meghalaya make a mark in Terra Madre, reports Patricia Mukhim from Italian city Turin FOR THOSE who see food only as a means of satisfying hunger will not comprehend what Carlo Pettrini, the founder of the Slow Food Movement, means when he talks about food as a gift of nature to humankind. Food is what creates a shared humanity. For too long, [Full Article...]

Future is in bioinformatics

 Bangalore-based junior bioinformatics associate Costerwell Khyriem on deciphering the complexities of life as a career option ADVANCEMENTS IN technology supplement advancement in science. Over the past three decades, biological scientists has diverge from a limited based research where they can focus on a few entity of their interest to a massive multiple entity based research. The mammoth quantity of data and information generated from [Full Article...]

Veritable verses

Ananya S Guha reviews a collection of S Chandramohan’s powerful social poetry  S CHANDRAMOHAN is an English poet based in India. His poems reflect thesocio-political struggles of the marginalized, the working class and thenomadic  outcasts  of the World who are victimized and then forgotten asnations clash and wage relentless war. His work has been profiled in various publications around the globe. Chandramohan’s poems are [Full Article...]

August calm

 An evening of flute music soothed Shillong, says Kit Shangpliang, member of experimental fusion band Summersalt IN A town stacked with guitars and drum kits, flute music arrived again with a refreshing taste, when Afghanistan’s renowned flautist Pakta Zalai and Shillong’s very own Benedict Hynniewta went on stage for the act only comparable to a delightful artistic encounter. It was the treat for the [Full Article...]

Nutritional security

Horticulture scholar S Diengngan, agriculture development officer T Diengngan and biologist B Diengngan underscore the health benefits of fruits FRUITS BEING rich in vitamins and minerals, are branded as protective food. They are wonderful gifts of nature to mankind, packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phytonutrients (Plant-derived micronutrients). Realizing the worth of fruits in human health, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommended [Full Article...]

Josbina Sangma

- Janet Moore Hujon Like so many of us you were once unknown Yet your life was familiar to those who loved you Your children, your mother, your husband, And maybe the thirsty traveller out-or-homeward bound Stopping by for the cup of tea you brewed In that remote neglected part of our world Now suddenly you are national news Your brutalised body the stomping [Full Article...]