Sunday canvas

Hashtag Shillong

Nathaniel Majaw connects with creative Instagrammers of the city ahead of World Photography Day PHOTOGRAPHS CAPTIVATE me. Whether it’s a photo of a burnt-out electrical wire or even 128 selfies; photographs never fail to tell me something about the photographer or what is being photographed.      Yup, photography has truly come a long way since its invention in the early 1800s. Whether you agree [Full Article...]

Tribute to Wahumkhrah

Steadily, I stepped into this world. In my path I often saw a not so clean, a stream. It would smell rot and be strewn with coloured elements of dirt. Oh! How have I grown along these years Proud of being what the world has made me into I learn and still learn what the world teaches me. I learnt that the stream is [Full Article...]

Pineapples & pina colada

GREEN CARDAMOMS/Gaurangi Maitra IT IS that time of the year again when mangoes give way to pineapples. So if you are on NH 39 from Dimapur to Kohima or NH 40 from Guwahati to Shillong, a mosaic of green and gold fruit spiked with a rosette of silver grey leaves weighs down bamboo shelves or rafters greets you from roadside stalls. Or should you [Full Article...]


Somewhere   Somewhere on pine forests rain falls softly-soothe Somewhere stone and boulder mist-draped gentle quiet   Somewhere a miner crawls into a pit The tock-tock of chisel his only companion Till, pursing its lips, a rogue wind starts blowing A rasp of sharp air sweeps into a roar The miner stops hacking and raises his eyes All he can see is the machine’s [Full Article...]

Journey from the hills

Excerpt of Janice Pariat’s piece from the book Shaping the World: Women Writers on Themselves, edited by Manju Kapur and published by Hay House India IT BEGAN with a bookshelf.      An ordinary bookshelf made of dark wood, devoid of elegant carvings or an elaborately decorated plinth. In my mind it looms far above me. Although, I suspect, if I stood before it now, [Full Article...]


The world’s crowded, But something’s missing, All the kith and kin are around, But yet we feel alone. Though we’re speaking to someone, We aren’t silent. We walk along with friends But yet we walk alone. People whom we consider Part and parcel of our lives, Are they really an integral part of our lives? People help us through thick and thin. But do [Full Article...]

Theatre of the Earth

Jyotirmoy Prodhani on theatre patriarch H Kanhailal who was in Shillong to showcase his creativity   CELEBRATED THEATRE director Ratan Thiyam is known for creating ‘Theatre of Roots’, a term popularised by two contemporary theatre critics Suresh Awasthi and Richard Schechner. But Heisnam Kanhailal, the patriarch of modern Indian theatre from Manipur, calls his movement the ‘Theatre of the Earth’. He elaborated: “My theatre [Full Article...]

Shillong’s beatitudes

If the city of Shillong ever desired to write her beatitudes, they would possibly look something like this.   Blessed are they who followed traffic rules for they shall be called good driver. Blessed are they who throw waste in dust bins for they shall be called noble citizens. Blessed are those employees who are punctual for they shall be called people’s officers. Blessed are [Full Article...]