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From Moralpolitik to Realpolitik

India’s Palestine position never in way of relations with Israel By TP Sreenivasan India has moved one step ahead of some of Israel’s best friends by declaring “neutrality” between Israel and Palestine and refraining from criticising Israel for its massive attack on the Gaza strip. Even the United States has deplored Israeli actions against Palestinians, even though it considers Hamas a terrorist organisation. The [Full Article...]

Desecration of Iewduh

By Barnes Mawrie A market is something sacred for the Khasi people. Tradition tells us that whenever the forefathers of the Khasis would desire to establish a market in any area, they would first hold a divination ceremony to ascertain the will of the guardian spirits. If the divination had a positive indication it meant that the spirits were in favour and so a [Full Article...]

Enemy of the state

By Toki Blah On the morning of July 2014, the people of Meghalaya woke up to the shocking news headlines of our policemen killed by an IED blast in West Garo Hills. It’s the first time that such a powerful, unconventional and cowardly weapon of  destruction had ever been used  in Meghalaya. It instantly conjures up images of those conflict hell holes – Iraq [Full Article...]

Main Secretariat and CM – no models of work culture

By Albert Thyrniang Last week Saleng Sangma made headlines when he met the Governor, Krishan Kant Paul to hand him a letter of complaint against the Chief Minster, Dr Mukul Sangma who is regularly absent from his office. Terming the Chief Minister as ‘absentee Chief Minister’ the Gambegre Independent MLA made a dampening observation that the office of the Chief Minister is the least [Full Article...]

Mining: the not so Tribal activity

By H H Mohrmen The National Green Tribunal ban on mining and transportation of coal in Meghalaya has become the most talked about subject in the entire state. In fact the state was bombarded with news reports about those who were affected by the ban and of the different organizations claiming to represent them almost on a daily basis. People talk about it in [Full Article...]

July is a volatile month

By M J Akbar Sir Jadunath Sarkar, the eminent historian, records that in 1679 Shivaji sent  a letter to the emperor Aurangzeb protesting against the imposition of jizya during a time of great hardship. The Maratha icon pointed out that Aurangzeb’s predecessors Akbar, Jahangir and Shahjehan also had the power to levy this discriminatory tax on non-Muslims “but did not give place to bigotry [Full Article...]

Congress in self destruction mode

By Upendra Prasad After getting decimated in the last Lok Sabha election, the grand old party of India, Indian National Congress is facing unprecedented crisis of its history and the way, the party is functioning only suggests that it is in a self destruction mode. It is not facing any problem from outside. It did not get defeated because BJP was better than it. [Full Article...]

NGT ban and alternatives

By K L Tariang Much has been reported about the relentless fight of our political leaders against  the  NGT ban. Being responsible leaders as they are, it is   natural that they would do so, since  according to their assessment,  the ban has  deprived many people  of their livelihoods . They are more boost up by the publicity   that a child was  sold off because [Full Article...]