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Do we need saviours or leaders?

By Toki Blah             The good citizens of Meghalaya, appear to have been hit by a mental tsunami of sorts. People seem perplexed and confused as to what is actually happening to and around them. It all began when plums, peaches and guavas started ripening with severe worm infestations. A geek with a perverted cyber imagination blamed in on the mobile towers. The hypothesis [Full Article...]


  By Arun Srivastava   Never before in the electoral history of India has any state assembly attracted such a wide attention like election to the Bihar assembly this year. While even the international scholars nurse the view that this election will change the dynamics and dimension of the Indian politics, it is also claimed that it is for the first time that caste [Full Article...]

My vote of confidence for the abolition of ADCs

  By Albert Thyniang   If there is a referendum for the abolition of Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) I will vote for it and also lend my signature if there is a campaign for the same. Kudos to Michael N Syiem for filing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the High Court of Meghalaya questioning the relevance of the ADCs in Meghalaya. The Hon’ble High Court which has done a lot [Full Article...]

Traditional Food: Importance and Threats

  By Melari Shisha Nongrum Following the article on ITM 2015: Meghalaya’s Mega Event, I would like to also state that truly NESFAS deserves a salute for its work in promoting ‘Slow Food’ in the state and region. For the past few years, NESFAS with the tireless efforts of its founder and former Assistant President IFAD, Phrang Roy, has organised food festivals in Mawphlang [Full Article...]

The Future We Want: A Farmer’s Perspective

By H H Mohrmen Moosakhia is a village of 94 households under the Amlarem sub division of West Jaintia Hills District. This small hamlet is now on the list of the only village in the both East and West Jaintia hills district selected by North East Slow Food and Agro-biodiversity Society (NESFAS) to host foreign delegates. Moosakhia which is about 14 KM from Jowai [Full Article...]

IVF – A Mother’s Side of the Story

By Pauline M Recently a friend revealed to me that her daughter was born through IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and quickly added, “Please don’t tell anyone, it’s a small town”.The size of the town is definitely not the problem here! I have met many women across the country who hesitate sharing such information. And I am yet to identify if this is because of the [Full Article...]

Sleeping With The Enemy

  By Paramjit Bakhshi At a lunch the other day, a lady was narrating the story of a recent marriage, between a Marwari boy and a Khasi girl. She highlighted the fact that this couple, with great mutual understanding had built two kitchens- a vegetarian kitchen for the boy, and a separate one for the girl, where non- veg food could be cooked. The [Full Article...]

Search for an acceptable approach to regional constitutional problems

By Morning Star Sumer The news report (NDFB celebrates 29th anniversary in Sonai) which appeared on page 4 of The Shillong Times issue of October 6, 2015, had not faithfully quoted me. The actual sentences as spoken by me read, “The problem in Boroland is not a religious one. It is a fight for land and land rights which is the basis upon which [Full Article...]