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For water’s sake

 By Toki Blah There is now universal acknowledgement that water or more specifically, fresh drinking water, will probably be the most precious and sought after commodity in the years to come. If control over fossilised oil reserves was one of the main causes of war in the 20th century, the control over a natural resource called water is expected to be the main cause [Full Article...]

Celebrating ten years of Ka Chad Sukra

By Wa-i-sa Sumer On  April 12, 2006 the long lost and forgotten culture of the Pnar people of Jowai  famously known as “ka Chad Sukra” was resurrected under the aegis of Seinraij Jowai, a socio- cultural and religious organisation through the efforts of the then President of Seinraij, Jowai,  O R Shallam. He was assisted by G.H Bareh the General Secretary, H Passah, Chairman [Full Article...]

Narendra’s Moody Blues

H.H.Mohrmen Last Sunday with one strike Prime Minister Narendra Modi exposed to the public that one thing that gives him a bad mood. The Prime Minister had no qualms in making that public. In the meeting of Chief Justices, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called certain activists and particularly those who advocate for environment protection, ‘five stars activists.’ This was intended to drive a wedge [Full Article...]

A root problem needs a root answer

  By M J Akbar Education comes in many forms when experience is your teacher. I recall the day when I was part of a delegation to some muscular regional satrap. There was only one point on our agenda: the extent, quality and depth of education among minorities, with a stress on how to do far more for the Muslim girl child. A worthy [Full Article...]

BJP should practice politics of consensus

By M K Dhar In office for less than a year, the BJP Government led by Narendra Modi gives the impression of having its feet firmly on the ground, even though it is unable to push through important legislation in the face of stiff opposition to come of its measures from Congress and other parties, who still command a majority in the Upper House [Full Article...]

The Death of Netaji: The Controversy

By Thanggoulen Kipgen After the revelation that relatives of freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose were spied on for two decades, the memory of Netaji which was long dead has resurfaced. The circumstances leading to the death of Netaji have been a national debate for long thereby giving rise to several conspiracy theories. For one reason or the other, a conclusion could never be [Full Article...]

State of governance in Meghalaya

By Patricia Mukhim The grouse of eight Congress MLAs that they have no access to the Chief Minister and other ministers of the state is disturbing. All MLAs are equal. The CM is only the first among equals and so too are the other ministers. This is actually a governance problem. All powers are concentrated in the CM and his ministers. This is not [Full Article...]


By Nora Chopra   ATTENTION OF CONGRESS LEADERS ON RAHUL’S RALLY, APRIL 19 Now that Rahul Gandhi is finally back to Delhi, all eyes are set on Rahul Gandhi who would make his appearance on April 19 for the kisan rally. Questions are being asked about the whereabouts of Rahul Gandhi. Where was Rahul Gandhi? While the general speculation is that he was somewhere [Full Article...]