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Matriliny: The cultural cradle of Khasi kinship system

By Dr Rekha R Shangpliang  The matrilineal Khasi tribe of Meghalaya believes in the ideology-”Long jait na ka kynthei” which means, “From the woman sprang the clan.” This ideology is so deeply rooted in the Khasi ethos that it has brought to light the role of women in perpetuating the clan from one generation to another. Descent line in a Khasi family is reckoned [Full Article...]

Modi takes fresh view of public sector

By Nantoo Banerjee Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be out to wash the sins of three former prime ministers – BJP’s Atal Behari Vajpayee, Congress satraps Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh. Modi’s avowed policy to protect the strategic public sector assets from falling into the jaws of private corporate sharks, modernize and rebuild curable sick companies, make their idle immovable assets productive and [Full Article...]

How Tripura tackled insurgency

By D N Sahaya While some north-eastern States still grapple with insurgency, Tripura has overcome it. How did it do that? As in the case of the other States of the region, Tripura was, at different points of time, caught in the wave of insurgency that arose from Nagaland in the 1950s. What brought the region in its sweep was the geographical trap, the [Full Article...]

High tide of Modi wave has passed

By Amulya Ganguli From Uttarakhand in July to Bihar in August and now in the assembly by-elections across several states, the results show that the high tide of the much-vaunted Modi wave has passed. The BJP may well take recourse to the usual explanation that by-elections are influenced by local factors and cannot be taken as a reflection of the national mood. Although there [Full Article...]

Viva la Ardent- Viva la Jaidbynriew

By Phrangsngi Pyrtuh In Shakespeare’s classic play Julius Caesar while leading the first triumvirate, was murdered by close friends to keep Rome a democratic republic on the ides of March. This event is memorable for the iconic agonizing word from Caesar “Et Tu Brute” (You too Brutus) referring to Brutus his close friend among one of the conspirators. The more I think of this [Full Article...]

October Assembly elections crucial for Congress morale

By Harihar Swarup Next month – October – will be crucial both for the Congress and the BJP when Haryana and Maharashtra go to polls to elect their respective assemblies. The assembly elections in the two states will be crucial as they will show if the Modi wave is as strong as it was in April-May this year when the BJP swept the Lok [Full Article...]

The Unitarian faith: An Indigenously Universal Church

By H. H. Mohrmen Unitarians in the state of Meghalaya and Assam celebrate 18 September every year as Anniversary Day. It was on this day in 1887 that the first Unitarian church in the region was established. The church initially was conceived independently by the founder in his quest for truth and it was at a later stage that u Hajom Kissor Sing Lyngdoh [Full Article...]

The Union Jack, and perhaps Jill

By M. J. Akbar For an Indian who has always believed that the partition of India was a deep, self-inflicted wound carved by a British knife, the thought that Britain might split into two nations on 18 September is not without some satisfaction. History is rarely synonymous with justice, but when the echo of some form of retribution fills the air, we might sit [Full Article...]