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No point in having silent academics

  Patricia Mukhim The North Eastern Hill University is the first central university in the North Eastern Region. It was created in July 1973 to cater to the higher education needs of the region. At the national level NEHU ranks 16th according to the India Today AC-Nielsen Best Universities Survey of 2012, and 11th among the top Central Universities. It also has a world [Full Article...]


  By Nora Chopra   CONGRESS TOP LEADERSHIP DIVIDED OVER CASTE RESERVATION ISSUE The Congress party is divided over the issue of reservations. As the RSS backed anti reservation movement of Hardik Patel is gaining momentum, it has the tacit support of a large section of the upper caste particularly the Brahmin lobby in the Congress The over 130 year old Congress party has [Full Article...]


    EU NATIONS DIFFER ON TACKLING THE CRISIS   From Arun Srivastava   European Union has been facing the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that while the German chancellor Angela Markel has cautioned that the European Union could be forced to bring back border controls, the demographic character of Britain will undergo [Full Article...]


Right to Services   By Dr S Saraswathi   An ambitious people-oriented legislation, Right to Services Act, is reported to be under the active consideration of the Government of India. Falling under the Ministry of Personnel and Public Grievances it is concerned with the execution of policies and programmes of all ministries and departments and covers procedures, methods, strategies and impact. Rights-based citizen entitlements [Full Article...]

The fundamental purpose of the Law

By Fabian Lyngdoh      As I had previously expressed, the basic co-ordinates of the ‘social order’ which keep human society in existence, are ‘individual freedom’ and ‘collective order’. In today’s modern tribal societies, as in the Khasi Hills, ‘individual freedom’ is mostly determined by tradition and convention, and ‘collective order’ is mostly determined by the laws of the State. The fulcrum of balance between [Full Article...]


By Nantoo Banerjee However laudable may be Union Minister Maneka Ghandi’s bid to restrict consumption of fast food and drinks by school children, it would be a futile exercise to achieve the objective by merely banning their sale in and around schools in India. If the United States, the world’s original and largest promoter of fast food and fizzy drinks, could do little to [Full Article...]

Don Bosco Desecration, Intellectual Response and the Act of Otherisation

  Dr. Jyotirmoy Prodhani The people, who quite often look up to Prof. Hiren Gohain whenever a voice of erudite rationality becomes a critical need, were in for a rude shock when Prof. Gohain (in one of his articles in an Assamese daily on 12 August) lent his voice with confounding obstinacy to support the vandalism leading to the mindless desecration of the life [Full Article...]

Hell on earth

  BY M J AKBAR   Murder becomes hypnotic when it is pure evil. We stare at it compulsively, obsessively, with limitless appetite. A psychoanalyst would be able to suggest reasons; I can only offer observation. Evil is never warm, it is cold-blooded. Evil is icy calculation wrapped in endless layers of deceit. And when a high profile murderer gets protection from a social [Full Article...]