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Enough of the Ullu Banaoing business

By Patricia Mukhim I love the Idea Cellular advert because people actually talk back to their elected representative and tell him not to “Ullu Banaoing” ( Don’t make fools out of them) them. Hindi is a funny language. While most languages consider the owl to be a symbol of wisdom (wise owl in English), in Hindi, the owl is called “Ullu” and we know [Full Article...]

There’s no shame in politics, and that’s the problem

By Indranil Banerjea The recent controversy over two memoirs by insiders in the UPA regime has once again confirmed what has been widely known all along. Prime minister Manmohan Singh is a puppet in the hands of the Congress boss Sonia Gandhi and others, including leaders of various constituents of the UPA. What it says about Singh himself is of relatively less significance than [Full Article...]

Indian Political Drama

By Fabian Lyngdoh A great deal had been aired and written in the media, local and national, about this National Election 2014. I would like to bring out something just to ponder about and occupy our minds with. All parties have brought out their election manifestos. Well we do not have the means to discuss all that, but let us examine what a genuine [Full Article...]

The making of orphans

By  Obadiah Lamshwa Lamare It is a tragedy of epic proportions when people have to live timid lives for the sake of the convenience of those with Might. This tragedy becomes graver when it happens in a country that claims to be a Liberal Democracy. Be it the individual cases of closet dwellings for fear of social persecutions or the case of having to [Full Article...]

Modi is now media’s darling

By Praful Bidwai When Indira Gandhi imposed the Emergency in 1975, the vast majority of Indian academics, intellectuals and media commentators protested. Barring a few publications like India Today, most newspapers carried sharply critical comments and truthful, horrifying accounts of the excesses perpetrated in the name of defending India against contrived “threats”-until censorship was imposed, and sometimes defying it. Many critics paid a heavy [Full Article...]

BJP ahead in most other seats

By L.S. Herdenia Among the key candidates whose political fate will be decided on April 17 – the day on which ten constituencies in Madhya Pradesh go to polls – are state BJP President Narendra Singh Tomar (Gwalior) and Union Minister of State Jyotiraditya Scindia (Guna) In Guna and the neigbouring Gwalior- close to the MP-UP border—discussion is simply not allowed on whether a [Full Article...]

Meghalaya: Perspectives on development

Toki Blah By Toki Blah Meghalaya had just successfully conducted its Lok Sabha elections. Come to think of it, this MP election was really short of issues, except perhaps for ‘The please vote for me’ plea. No wonder the attitude of the public to the elections was one of general apathy and indifference. As one watched, on TV, the build up to the elections in other [Full Article...]

A vote for jobs

Where did it all begin to go wrong for the UPA government? The precise point, if there is ever such a thing in the rolling caravan of politics, is a decision made by Mrs Sonia Gandhi after re-election in 2009. Mrs Sonia Gandhi has always been the person in command in the two terms of UPA; she was the power in front of the [Full Article...]