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Umkhrah: A River…Cries…Foul… (Part – 1)

  By Desmond Kharmawphlang   Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand/ And rivers that ran through everyday/ I must have been mad/ I never knew what I had/ Until I threw it all away.                                                                         From I Threw it All Away   Believed to be written in 1967, I Threw it All Away, this Bob Dylan classic, was included in [Full Article...]

The concept of Hima (state) in Khasi governance

  By Aristotle Lyngdoh Whenever we talk about kingdom or state what comes to our mind is the physical and political aspect of it. We also identify a particular Hima or kingdom with the jurisdiction it covers. Without these, it is absurd to describe any Hima or state. Interestingly, the indigenous Khasi concept about the Hima conveys something else. In the minds of the [Full Article...]

Getting the big news out and the pangs thereafter

By Patricia Mukhim It was a confluence of the stars that Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, India’s leading nuclear scientist and former President should breathe his last here in these hills, we call home. He was not scheduled to address the students of IIM Shillong on July 27. He was to have stayed at Raj Bhavan and only come for his lecture the next morning. [Full Article...]

Shillong or Ceylon

By Dr Diganta Halder   After Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s death in Shillong, a friend of mine wrote, “At least people will now know Shillong by its name and not as Ceylon”. Her words sent me reeling and rolling in thoughts. Well, I completely agree with her. Just recently I blasted a dim-witted tele-caller for not knowing Meghalaya. And what could have been even [Full Article...]

Galloping Population

Social stress imminent  By Proloy Bagchi India has hit the 1.27 billion mark. This only means that we are only less than three quarters short of two billion. In 2011 we were 1210 million and in less than four years we have added more than 60 million. It is now estimated that at this rate we will overtake the Chinese population by the middle [Full Article...]

Gold habits die hard in India,

China Yellow metal is also black money mascot By G. Srinivasan Gold is back in the news for the fall in its price both within the country and globally in recent days. Once derided by the celebrated economist John Maynard Keynes as “the relic of a barbaric age’, the charm this inert metal exercises in the minds of millions is mesmeric even in a [Full Article...]

Modi ignores Parliament for Poll Battles

By S. Sethuraman What is going right with the Modi Government, and what has gone wrong with its rule now into the second year? It took only one year not only to frustrate voter expectations but also raise apprehensions of its divisive approaches worsening the state of polity overall, reflected in some social upheavals, saffronisation of educational and cultural institutions, and an authoritarian style [Full Article...]


By Paramjit Bakhshi A minor incident took place on a recent road trip to Leh. Approaching Srinagar a vehicle overtook us and stopped. All the four doors opened, four young men stepped out and headed menacingly towards our car which happened to have a Delhi registration number. Apparently my co-driver, a lady, had unwittingly prevented them, from overtaking us a little earlier. When they [Full Article...]