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It’s not an easy road to promised horizon

By M J Akbar Absolutely the silliest thing that a columnist can do is predict Indian election results a few hours before facts begin to flicker across your television screen. But surely opinion and exit polls cannot all be wrong? Their unanimity confirms a trend, even if they take the fragile insurance of bracketing specific numbers with a five per cent margin of error. [Full Article...]

Men with bright ideas

By H H Mohrmen There is at least one thing that Dr. Mukul Sangma has in common with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Both gentlemen are blessed with minds that produce bright ideas. Brilliant ideas seem to flow like lava from the volcanic mountain of their minds. But the question is whether these ideas are workable. Or are they going to survive the five [Full Article...]

Japan and China see big future in long term collaboration

By Subrata Majumder American investors still cool towards Narendra Modi’s policies Paradoxically, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi succeeded in persuading the Japanese and Chinese investors, he failed to influence the big American investors. Instead, his political wave and speech impelled the Indian Diaspora only. While a number of billion dollar projects were signed during his visit to Japan and the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s [Full Article...]

Of unproductive appointments

By Patricia Mukhim Political appointments have been the bane of Meghalaya’s unstable politics. These appointments are made not for the purpose of any outcome but because elected or defeated MLAs and ruling party executives have to be accommodated and paid their honorariums and their travel allowances if they are on tour for the purpose of serving the respective public sector undertaking (PSU). In the [Full Article...]


By Nora Chopra No Country for Congress By Congress is supposed to have conceded defeat both in Haryana and Maharashtra even before the results are out. The general secretaries in-charge of Haryana and Maharashtra Shakeel Ahmad and Mohan Prakash have submitted their reports to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi and are supposed to have made the submission that the Congress does not stand any [Full Article...]

The pride and prejudices behind the Nobel Prize

By TP Sreenivasan The announcement of the Nobel Peace Prize for India’s Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai during serious India-Pakistan border skirmishes led to speculation that it was meant to urge India and Pakistan to stop firing across the border and move to the negotiating table, though the decision was taken long before the present ceasefire violations by Pakistan. The Nobel Committee is [Full Article...]

What’s sedition got to do with it?

Of anthems and atrocities By Pratik Deb Salman M has made it to the headlines recently as the 25-year-old student from Kerala facing life imprisonment following his refusal to stand up during the national anthem in a theatre. His arrest and subsequent denial of bail garnered a lot of controversy as he was charged with sedition for, reportedly, ‘sitting and disrespecting’ the national anthem. [Full Article...]

Deconstructing good governance

By TFL Mawlong  Governance is in the shape it is today because of what we have become. Dilapidation of governance is the most talked subject, perhaps next only to corruption. It forms a central theme of innumerable letters to the editors and editorials in this esteemed daily. As I dwell upon the matter, I find that, governance has been rather lopsidedly discussed. We seemingly [Full Article...]