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India Can Turn Its Back on Pakistan

By Kanwal Sibal The Pakistan High Commissioner (HC) should not have met the Hurriyat leaders when he was asked by the Indian Foreign Secretary not to do so. Diplomatic norms obliged him to take this request communicated at such high level seriously and failure to do so, he knew, would have repercussions. He chose to snub the government and left our political leadership no [Full Article...]

Modi’s meeting with Obama significant

By Ashok B Sharma Prime Minister Narendrabhai Damodardass Modi is slated to visit US in September for the UN General Assembly. He will also meet Barak Obama in Washington and co-chair the India-US Summit. Defence cooperation will be one of the area to come up for discussion. The US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel during his recent visit to India has spelt out in broad [Full Article...]

Change of guard: Does Meghalaya need it?

By Patricia Mukhim Meghalaya’s political journey is riddled with uncertainty. It is too personality driven and not oriented towards development and progress. There is a quest for change but it ends there. Those who seek change cannot promise that the change would necessarily be good for the State and its people. In this quest for change our ministers spend more time in Delhi than [Full Article...]


By Nora Chopra No major reshuffle in Congress Party till Assembly elections There will be no organizational reshuffle in the Congress till after the assembly polls. There are indications that the Congress leadership will wait for the results of the Assembly polls in the hope that the results of these states may not be as bad as predicted by the media and may boost [Full Article...]

Politics of JanaJatikaran in Assam and the spuriousness of Indian Government

By Hirokjeet Roy How shall we identify ourselves? What are the bases and social structures on which we identify ourselves? As a social human being living in a so called cosmopolitan material world which is very much real to us can we think a life without identifying ourselves? Of course in this postmodern and cosmopolitan world people have come across through a long transition [Full Article...]

Who’s afraid of Inflation ?

By Nantoo Banerjee Who is afraid of inflation? Not the country’s 350-million-strong urban middle class and upper income group. The fact that high prices are having little bearing on the urban demand or consumption patterns shows that inflation has little impact on the size and depth of their pockets. In fact, the pocket size seems to be deepening at a faster pace than the [Full Article...]

Shillong and its bete noire- Wah Umkhrah

By Phrangsngi Pyrtuh Shillong is reeking and creaking. The traffic situation in the city has put to shame the moral lesson that we learn from the “hare-tortoise race story”. The growing city of Shillong is afflicted with what in modern urban parlance is often referred to as “urban angst”.The civil works and drainage system is bellowing in defunctness. The once pristine Umkhrah river criss-crossing [Full Article...]

Speedy implementation of Infra projects vital

By Anjan Roy RBI’s annual report which has just been released has given a modulated optimistic picture about the Indian economy. It has projected growth rate to pick up from sub-5% to above 5.5% and 6%. This optimism has come in the midst of a year which has seen drought conditions in large swathes of the country. That will obviously affect overall growth. Hence, [Full Article...]