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An Agenda that Goes Beyond the Nuclear Deal

By TP Sreenivasan President Barack Obama would not have changed the date of his State of the Union Address, flown over the oceans, taken the risk of letting the world know more than a month in advance that he would be under the open sky in Rajpath for more than two hours, exposed himself to Russian aircraft flying too close to him for comfort, [Full Article...]


                                                          By Nora Chopra   US Security curtail many Obama programmes in India The Indian establishment was highly upset with the security persons of the US president Barack Obama despite the fact that Narendra Modi ensured that there was no security lapse turning the capital into a fortress for three consecutive days. But despite this the US secret service did not allow him to [Full Article...]

Future-shocked society: How to cope with tomorrow

Patricia Mukhim At this decisive moment in Khasi society one looks to wise elders and scholars for enlightenment. Sadly that is not forthcoming. We wax eloquent in small groups but shy away from public discourses even when that is the only sane thing to do. We are a confused tribal society standing at a tipping point but we don’t want to tip over because [Full Article...]


 By PD Nongrum Off late there has been a lot of enthusiastic debate on the Ruling of the Hon’ble High Court of Meghalaya passed in WP(C) No. 363 of 2014 wherein the Court has also made some observations on the Roles of the Dorbar and the Rangbah Shnong. Through your esteemed daily I too would like to join in this debate and offer my [Full Article...]

The traditional Khasi principle of Judicature

                                                                                                            By Fabian Lyngdoh      The Khasi judicature is called, ‘ka bishar’. The ancestors of the Khasis believed that no man with his own human intellect or wisdom can judge another man. For this reason they avoided as far as possible to judge a man because they know that human knowledge however great, cannot fathom into the deep recesses of the human mind [Full Article...]


 By G. Srinivasan   The United Nations (UN) has plumped for greater cooperation among countries to put in place a set of safeguards and rules for tax reforms the world over in the bleak backdrop of extant rules and conditions, “particularly regarding illicit flows, as well as tax avoidance” often limiting what governments can raise as domestic revenues”. International rules, policies and cooperation play [Full Article...]

The visit in itself is the real cake

  By Shyam Saran  Most summit-level visits are carefully planned and orchestrated months in advance with a list of  “deliverables” worked through tortuous negotiations and packaged for eventual display during the main event. One such high-profile encounter having taken place already when Prime Minister Modi visited Washington in September last year, what could conceivably be delivered just four months later in yet another India-US [Full Article...]


By Amulya Ganguli   Ever since she was denied the police commissioner’s post in Delhi in 2007 by a Congress government, Kiran Bedi has been bent on getting the better of the (no longer) Grand Old Party. Now, finally, her ambition may be fulfilled if she can become Delhi’s chief minister, courtesy the BJP, for which she is alleged always to have had a [Full Article...]