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Who drives democracy?

By Patricia Mukhim In India, citizens live with the assumption that they are a functioning democracy merely because they cast their votes and elect an elite group of representatives once in five years. But elections alone don’t make us a democracy. There are many other elements that make a democracy a functioning system. Democracy should offer enough checks and balances without having to wait [Full Article...]

A politically fragile Afghanistan needs India’s help

By Kanwal Sibal The situation in Afghanistan continues to be fragile politically, economically and militarily despite the formation of a national unity Government in Kabul and the US-Afghanistan Defence Security Agreement. The national unity Government averts the danger of sharpened ethnic divisions following accusations of electoral fraud in the presidential elections. How much this Government is a product of an enlightened compromise by the [Full Article...]

Khasi Traditional Marriage Covenant

By Fabian Lyngdoh To have a better understanding of the present Khasi society we need to review its traditional customs which influence its collective psyche. Let us here deliberate on the Khasi concept of marriage. Khasi marriage starts from proposal and engagement which are considered only as private affairs of the Kurs. To make it also a social affair, at the night of the [Full Article...]

Uttarakhand, J&K and now Garo Hills Where are we heade

By Naba Bhattacharjee The above sequences of names are not an indicator of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or any other parameters of growth but a measure of gross defilement of the entire eco-system which resulted in large scale devastation. And God forbid, Khasi Jaintia Hills belt may well be the next or thereafter on the list. During a visit to Uttarkhand in 2007 [Full Article...]

The AFSPA (1958) and its Institutionalization

By Phrangsngi Pyrtuh North East Students’ Organization (NESO) in collaboration with the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) organized a public consultation on Human Rights with special reference to the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 (AFSPA) enforced in Manipur, some parts of North East and Jammu and Kashmir at Shillong Club. Considering the state of lawlessness prevailing in Garo Hills and the desire of the [Full Article...]

TMC’s opposition to Awami League unhealthy By Ashis Biswas

TMC’s opposition to Awami League unhealthy By Ashis Biswas Relations between India and Bangladesh are on the upswing if recent Dhaka-based media reports are any indication. The Government of India’s decisive intervention into the law and order situation in West Bengal, following the Burdwan blast on October 2, ignoring the state Government’s objections, has been welcomed among the ruling Awami League circles in Bangladesh. [Full Article...]

Returning to the ‘main stream’ at what cost?

By Albert Thyrniang The ANVC and its breakaway group ANVC-B have signed the tripartite peace pact with the Central and the State Government on September 24 last in New Delhi. Good news to Garo Hills that is literally fed up with the senseless, prolonged violence! On  September 18, The Shillong Times announced the agreement of the concerned parties to sign the final settlement with [Full Article...]

Young leaders in Congress should infuse dynamism

Congress leadership has to work much harder for sheer survival By Harihar Swarup Will Congress fade away? Will the 128-year old party, whose leaders fought for independence, a party having deep roots, just wither away? Judging by its performance in the Lok Sabha elections in May this year and, its dismal performance in the state assembly elections, latest being Maharashtra and Haryana, the future [Full Article...]