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Does socialism have a future?

25 years after the Berlin wall’s fall By Praful Bidwai Twentyfive years ago this month, the Berlin Wall was dismantled by East German citizens who responded to an official announcement of a relaxation of the harsh travel restrictions they faced. Thousands spontaneously flocked to the Wall, overwhelmed the guards, and were soon joined by West Berliners in tearing down the barrier. The authorities had [Full Article...]

By Phrangsngi Pyrtuh If recent event of a literal moral policing where around 40 odd mostly young college and school going teens who were reprimanded by the police does not send shivers down your spine then we have a problem. This number is small by any measure. Branding it illegal to drink in public is problematic since there is no law which mentions that [Full Article...]

Truth and half truths; rosy myth vs bitter reality

By Toki Blah Fact is there are hardly 35 days left for 2014 to end. On midnight of 31st December we shall be ringing out the old year, ringing in 2015 and wishing ourselves, near and dear ones, and the wicked old world,  a very Happy New Year. It’s a universal ritual carried out every New Year’s Eve – to hope for a prosperous [Full Article...]

Another Rabbit out of Modi’s Hat

By TP Sreenivasan Barack Obama’s acceptance of Narendra Modi’s invitation to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade in 2015 is like Nixon’s visit to China in 1972– an unexpected and uncharacteristic initiative by a politician. The visit will be immensely symbolic, but there is enough time for both sides to work out substantive agreements to transform the relationship. Modi has produced [Full Article...]

Green Hope for Jaintia Hills

BY H H Mohrmen In spite of all the bad press about the destruction on the environment caused by unregulated and illegal coal mining in the state and subsequently the blatant violation of the NGT order on ban and supply of coal from Meghalaya, a ray of hope penetrates the dark clouds to give people a reason to cheer. The year 2014 will also [Full Article...]

Save God from Godmen

By M.J. Akbar The power of religion lies surely in its ability to provide answers. But every so often a godman pops up, as one has done in Haryana just now, who raises questions. Religion is not, at least in my opinion, the antidote of reason, but works somewhere to the askance of it. Religion emerges from belief; and belief is beyond the compass [Full Article...]

Protection of our children

By Barnes Mawrie If we look at any society in the world, since time immemorial, children have been considered as incapable of self determination and free decision. The adult caretakers (parents, teachers, elders etc) were usually invested with the authority to supervise them. This practice though sound in itself, has often led to the oppression and exploitation of children by malicious and manipulative adults. [Full Article...]

BJP has much to gain from huge NRI support base

By Kalyani Shankar Why is Prime Minister Narendra Modi wooing the Indian Diaspora? While Modi’s critics say that he is building up the brand Modi abroad, Modi is clear that with their support he could build a better image for himself. There are about 100 million Indians living abroad and he obviously feels that their power should be harnessed for the growth of India [Full Article...]