Nepal’s Constitution

It is not surprising in the context of past experience that Nepal’s Constituent Assembly has missed the deadline again for drafting a new Constitution. It is obvious that the main Maoist party and its allies are all out to subvert attempts to write a Constitution expeditiously. They want a federal structure based on ethnicity and also a consensus among the parties, not just a [Full Article...]

Respect for minority rights

India is not only a racially diverse country but also has a unique pluralistic character in terms of the number of religions practiced. The Partition of 1947 was a lesson in adversity. Pakistan became a theocratic state that made Islam a state religion. Perhaps sensing the dangers of a similar experiment in a country with such religious diversity, the founding fathers of the Indian [Full Article...]

Shape of things to come

  The budget is just a month away. The upswing in the Indian economy has reason to make the Finance Minister upbeat. India’s foreign exchange reserves have hit an all time high of $322.14 billion. The current account balance is set to go positive and the rupee is strengthening against the dollar. The last time India registered a current account surplus was in January-March, [Full Article...]

Obama’s visit

PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s visit to India went off with a bang. A series of breakthroughs have been made on knotty disputes, including nuclear and defence deals. Obama said that the two nations had reached an understanding on eliminating obstaclesto a civil nuclear energy agreement. India and the US have declared that the dispute over nuclear liability has been resolved. Besides, the first pact of [Full Article...]

The Modi-Obama chemistry

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is perhaps the first world leader who addressed the President of the United States by his first name. This shows the comfort level of the two leaders with each other. The tea diplomacy at Hyderabad House away from the public eye and the media is important to reinforce this personal relationship which the Indian Prime Minister says is important to [Full Article...]

Bangla unrest

Bangladesh Opposition leader Khaleda Zia is in deep trouble. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made it clear that Zia can be tried for ordering the killings in the last two weeks. According to her, it would be logical to bring her within the purview of the country’s law. Law enforcing agencies are examining the matter. They have detained 2500 suspected arsonists. Industries Minister Amir [Full Article...]

State of the Union

DEMOCRATS in the US are on a downward trajectory. The US mid-term poll was a blow to President Barack Obama. The House of Representatives already had a Republican majority and in November, 2014, the Senate also had the Democrats buckling under. Yet, Obama’s State of the Union address was on a defiant note. It was his penultimate and first address to Congress fully controlled [Full Article...]

Another statehood celebration day !

January 21 comes and goes with the usual paraphernalia of song and dance and speech-making. Nothing cerebral actually takes place thereby making us citizens who passively wait for the Government to tell us how the day is to be celebrated. Not a single organization takes the initiative to do something on its own and to chalk out a programme that is thought-provoking in nature [Full Article...]