Indo-US ties

IN the fifth India-US Strategic Dialogue, US Secretary of State John Kerry has described India as an indispensable partner for the 21st century. Kerry also said that the BJP government’s motto of growth through collaboration among all was laudable and advocated India should have a place in the UN Security Council. This should signify a new turn in Indo-US relations. India’s lukewarm interest in [Full Article...]

The right move

THE MP Bezdaruah Committee rightly suggested in its report to the Centre last month that a law be drafted specifically to prevent discrimination against people from the Northeast living outside the region. The panel was set up after the lynching of an Arunachal Pradesh student, Nido Tania in January. So far nothing but the Committee’s push for a debate on the need for an [Full Article...]

Garo Hills in flames

IT is now time for the Government to get its act together in Garo Hills. Mere condemnation of the heinous crimes and announcing measly amounts to compensate for the lives of those killed in bomb blasts and guns makes a mockery of human misery. Our policemen are badly equipped even today. Their bullet- proof jackets weigh are half of their own weights. Add to [Full Article...]

The Human Development Index

THE human development index, a UN measure of life expectancy, income and education has released its report for 2014. India ranks 135 on a list of 186 countries which is a tad better than last year. It is pointless arguing and carping about the way the index is computed. What is more useful is to take a hard look at the new parameters for [Full Article...]

An imperiled world

PRO-RUSSIAN Ukrainian separatists brought down the Malaysian Airlines, MH17 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital on July 17. The US believes that the Russian rebels  used surface to air missile to fire at the civilian aircraft carrying 298 people, including 80 children. The victims came from 11 countries and included an acclaimed AIDS researcher from Amsterdam, a nun and teacher [Full Article...]

The Shiv Sena factor

The Shiv Sena has been notorious for decades for giving free rein to chauvinism, communalism and xenophobia which often take the form of insensate violence. Even its MPs recently did not hesitate to be totally unfeeling about a poor employee of the IRCTC who looked after the catering of food at Maharashtra Sadan in Delhi. These MPs force fed a Muslim caterer who was [Full Article...]

Congress in a mess

THE Congress leadership is facing a crisis. Five state units are crumbling with internal dissensions. Narayan Rane of Maharashtra and Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam have resigned. Sarma may have had a shady past but they both held important portfolios in the state cabinets. Their protest is against their Chief Ministers but they had expressed dissent with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi also. Rane is [Full Article...]

Government impunity

When a Department of the Government violates the basic norms of justice and equity then the entire Government must be held to account. News that vacancies in the Soil and Water Conservation Department have been filled surreptitiously is alarming because it suggests that nepotism in the Meghalaya Government is alive and kicking despite the existence of the Right to Information (RTI) Act. The Minister [Full Article...]