Heat on Greenpeace

The Modi government has cancelled a licence that allowed Greenpeace International’s Indian unit to receive donations from abroad. The environmental group has however said that it would not be deterred by the attempt to end its campaign. The licence has been cancelled on the charge that the NGO worked against the country’s economic development. As a result of the cancellation, it cannot receive funds [Full Article...]

Voyeuristic media

  The Sheena Bora murder case has held the attention of the nation since August 25 last when Indrani Mukerjea, the high profile socialite married to media magnate Peter Mukerjea was arrested on the suspicion of having murdered her daughter, Sheena. Television channels are churning stories that are riddled with speculations and quick conclusions. The media believes it is feeding a voyeuristic audience hungry [Full Article...]

The State Govt-KHADC tussle

  That there is complete chaos between the different hierarchies of power in Meghalaya is evident. And this has surfaced after the High Court ruling stripping the Rangbah Shnong of their arbitrary powers such as issuing character certificates for opening bank accounts etc. which they claimed they were doing as a traditional practice. But the Court argued that such was not the practice even [Full Article...]

Manipur’s congenital disorder

  AFTER the Manipur valley had virtually come to a standstill for over two months with schools and colleges shutting down on account of the demand for Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) by civil society organisations in the valley, the State is once again on the boil. On August 31 the Manipur Assembly passed the three Bills namely the Protection of Manipur People Bill, [Full Article...]

Longevity at what cost

A global health study has revealed that men and women in India are living longer lives than ever before. But it is not necessarily a happy and healthy life. As India follows in the footsteps of the developed world, it acquires the illnesses of affluent societies. Loss of life in India is now mostly due to cardiac problems. These are connected to obesity and [Full Article...]

Saving ancient sites

  A team of digital-age “monuments men” would try to fight against the Islamic State’s destruction of ancient sites in West Asia. The team will use cameras and 3D printing technology to reconstruct destroyed antiquities. Archeologists of Oxford and Harvard are being pressed into service. The plan has been brought to light after the IS destroyed the 2000 year old temple of Palmyra in [Full Article...]

Demographic factor

IT is good news that India’s population growth rate has slowed down. The information comes from the recently published “Population by Religious Communities” report based on data furnished by the 2011 census. All this raises tricky questions. It questioned why the report has been published on the eve of the Bihar poll in which the Muslim vote counts significantly. Comparisons between Hindu and Muslim [Full Article...]

Crisis in Nepal

  Nepal is in turmoil. Violence erupted in the country over the demand for a separate province which has stalled the adoption of the country’s Constitution. It was the worst spate of violence after the end of the Maoist insurgency in 2006. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is keen on cementing ties with neighbours has expressed New Delhi’s concerns about the continuing political instability [Full Article...]