Crisis in Nepal

  Nepal is in turmoil. Violence erupted in the country over the demand for a separate province which has stalled the adoption of the country’s Constitution. It was the worst spate of violence after the end of the Maoist insurgency in 2006. Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is keen on cementing ties with neighbours has expressed New Delhi’s concerns about the continuing political instability [Full Article...]

Clamour for backward status

  The agitation seeking reservations for the Patel community with leaders of the community going on a fast unto death at Ahmedabad, is a phenomenon peculiar to India. Anyone would think that the Patels are the most progressive community with footprints in every country of the world. They have an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit as a result of which they are doing very well for themselves. So [Full Article...]

Safe North- East

  The National Crime Records Bureau in its report for the year 2014 has revealed that women are far safer in the North-East than in West Bengal or Uttar Pradesh. Except Assam which contributed more than 5% of cases of violence against women nationally, the other seven states in the region accounted for only 0.9% of the total number of crimes against women last [Full Article...]

Greek turmoil again

Greek rebels have not yet been reconciled to the international bailout which has doubtless impaired the country’s sovereignty. The rebels walked out of the leftist Syriza party at the end of last week. A split has occurred after leader Alexis Tsipras resigned as Prime Minister to pave the way for early elections. All this was only predictable. The anti-bailout Popular Unity Party formed by [Full Article...]

India-Pak talks short-circuited

  The proposed NSA level talks between India and Pakistan was aborted a day before the proposed meet. This was bound to happen since Pakistan was adamant on meeting the Hurriyat leaders and turning the talks on terror into a composite dialogue involving Kashmir. This is something that India was not ready to discuss. Pakistan is a slippery customer. Its civilian prime minister is [Full Article...]

Institutions of Excellence

    The problems facing many of our premier institutions ranging from IITs to IIMs and medical bodies are all too obvious. Most of them are crippled by inadequate faculty and paucity of infrastructural facilities and funds. The Film and Television Institute of India (FTTI) is now going through a crisis. Many students have been living on the campus for eight years or so [Full Article...]

Mounting tension

  Intense firing along the LoC augurs ill for the meeting between the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan scheduled for August 23. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs summoned Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit to express its strong disapproval of unprovoked firing since August 8. The artillery was put into action and civilian population targeted. Five civilians in Indian territory were killed [Full Article...]

Modi’s UAE visit

  The India-UAE joint statement signed during Narendra Modi’s visit to UAE sets a target of $75 billion for UAE investments in India. The question is: how much of it will be for real? Of greater importance is the joint condemnation of states engaged in terror with special reference to Pak-sponsored terrorism directed against India. Steps have been mooted to promote security cooperation and [Full Article...]