Hema Malini’s attack

HEMA Malini who won her seat in the Lok Sabha from Mathura unaccountably trained her guns on widows from West Bengal and Bihar crowding Vrindaban which is part of her constituency. Widows in Vrindaban live in absolute hell. Several poor widows live in Mathura and Varanasi as well. They have been there for years as they are cast out of society. The sweaty gloom [Full Article...]

BJP-Shiv Sena differences

The BJP and its coalition partner at the Centre, the Shiv Sena, have fallen out over seat-sharing in the coming Maharashtra Assembly elections. The Sena demands 150 seats and has rejected the BJP’s demand to contest 135 seats. The BJP of course rules supreme at the Centre with a massive majority. But it has lost Gopinath Munde recently. He was the obvious candidate for [Full Article...]

A mixed bag

RESULTS from 33 Assembly constituencies in nine states demonstrate that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not as invincible as one would have thought. Uttar Pradesh where Yogi Adityanath, the new Mohant of Gorakshpeeth, led the BJP campaign in the bye-polls did not succeed as the party lost in 11 Assembly seats in the state. Evidently development in Delhi and ‘Love Jihad’ need to [Full Article...]

BSF failure to police border

The Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) army commander, Sohan Shira has publicly claimed that he travels to Bangladesh without hindrance to bring in weapons into the country. This speaks volumes about the ineffectiveness, if not incompetence, of the Border Security Force (BSF) guarding our international borders. Sohan is the most wanted criminal from Garo Hills. If he can visit Bangladesh at will and return [Full Article...]

GNLA brutality

RECENTLY a video showing members of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) thrashing some  people of a village in Garo Hills after accusing them of being police informers, went viral. National television news channels repeated the video which shocked the nation. Earlier a video showing the brutal killing of Josbina Sangma by the GNLA had also haunted the nation. The GNLA is supposed to [Full Article...]

The UK split

THERE is a lot of controversy over the possibility of a split in the UK with Scotland parting with England. It will bring the UK back to the days of Queen Elizabeth I who fought Mary, Queen of Scots. The D-day is on September 18 when the Scots vote in an independence referendum. It is encouraging that supporters of keeping Scotland in the UK [Full Article...]

Recreating a Central Planning Body

THE demolition of the Planning Commission by the NDA Government did not come as a surprise. There have been rumblings for a while now and studies have been commissioned to find out what ailed the Commission and how it could have been more productive instead of bureaucratic. These studies were in fact commissioned by the UPA Government. When Narendra Modi was chief minister of [Full Article...]

The international bridge

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi recently concluded an eventful visit to Japan. Next week, Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to Delhi to meet Modi. Later this month, Modi is scheduled to visit the US and parley with President Barack Obama. New Delhi is anxious to form strategic and economic ties with Japan, China and the US and fashion its foreign policy accordingly. The Chinese President’s [Full Article...]