Enclaves exchange

A number of social organizations and human rights groups fear that the exchange of enclaves according to the Land Border Agreement between India and Bangladesh may lead to a situation similar to that during Partition in 1947. At that time many people lost their land and could not go to the country of their choice. India and Bangladesh have arrived at a figure about [Full Article...]

Suicides galore

A report on suicides and accidental deaths in India for 2014 released by the Crime Records Bureau reveals that over one lakh people in the country have been killing themselves annually since 2014. The World Health Organisation published a similar report last year. In fact, the suicide rate in India in 2012 was the highest in the world. It is astonishing that the gloomy [Full Article...]

Shillong made famous

Who would have thought that the most loved and respected former President APJ Abdul Kalam would breathe his last in these hills that he has learnt to admire and compare to a polluted Delhi. Dr Kalam chose to travel by road instead of taking the helicopter from Guwahati to Upper Shillong, a mere twenty minute ride. Perhaps the former President is one who believes [Full Article...]

Democracy demands eternal vigilance

  The terror attacks in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district, where at least eight people lost their lives on Monday morning, is a warning that India cannot slacken its defenses. India has since tightened its security on its border with Pakistan. It appears that terrorists were dressed in army uniform. This suggests a slackening of vigilance as the Congress Party spokesperson has stated. But this is [Full Article...]

Assam’s civil services

ASSAM is in the same boat as Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in the matter of corruption. It is facing charges of irregularities in the state civil services examination and recruitment. Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi has announced that his government would set up an inquiry commission to probe the allegations. Needless to say that the irregularities at the state level impact more adversely on [Full Article...]

Myanmar Poll

  Bugles are being blown in Myanmar to announce the coming of the general election in the country. The chief opposition party, the National League  for Democracy (NLD), led by Aung San Suu Kyi geared up for the campaign on July 19, the 68th anniversary of her father’s assassination . He had fought for freedom and democracy and was killed in the Burmese Parliament. [Full Article...]

Technology and humanity

  With machines taking over, humans may become increasingly obsolescent. That has been the apprehension lately with the onset of the digital revolution. Cars will be self-driven, robots will replace human intelligence and the internet and the mobile will rule supreme. A recent Oxford study analyzed over 700 occupations and came to the conclusion that 47% of the jobs covered by it, including those [Full Article...]

Japan changes strategy

  Japan is going for a change. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to make it a ‘normal country’ again. According to him, it has to leave the past behind and face the challenge of the future. A vote was taken in the country’s Lower House of Parliament on the role of its military. Abe had been preparing for the coming change for several [Full Article...]