Prospects in Nepal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Nepal to attend the SAARC summit in the last week of this month. On that occasion, it is expected that a crucial pact would pave the way for the setting up of a 500 MW hydro power project in Nepal. Power Secretary P.K. Sinha is expected to be in Nepal to finalize the project development agreement (PDA) for [Full Article...]

Hasty decision

What happens to the Congress Party with just 41 seats in the Lok Sabha may be of little moment. But Shashi Tharoor appears to be a Congress leader unfortunately jinxed. His removal from the post of Union External Affairs Minister of State during the UPA II regime under a cloud was a controversial decision. Subsequently he was taken back as Minister of State for [Full Article...]

Vatican thoughts

POPE Francis has always been a radical in the Roman Catholic Church. He has kicked off a debate which is indicative of his enlightened thinking. The debate is on whether his Church might consider more tolerant views on homosexuals, divorced couples and men and women living in sin and having illegitimate children. While Pope Francis takes a positive line, Mother Teresa would have probably [Full Article...]

NINE months have passed since elections to the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council were completed and the regional party coalition – All Regional Party Alliance (ARPA) was formed to take charge of the KHADC. The Executive Committee led by HSPDP MDC, Ardent Basaiawmoit started with a bang. The first task which the ARPA took up with gusto was to check whether all non tribal [Full Article...]

Mamata’s success?

WEST Bengal is off the extremely affected list in the Central government’s policy on management of the Maoist menace. It does not include West Midnapore which was on the earlier list meaning that may not be eligible for special treatment under the new policy. The policy identifies four to five blocks in each of the twenty three districts listed under the policy and plans [Full Article...]

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign)

THIS country has never seen a prime minister holding a broom to sweep a public place. On October 2 last, Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept the Valmiki Basti a colony in Delhi which is the habitat of sanitary workers.  Across the country three million government employees and schools and college students of India participated in this much needed campaign.  If cleanliness indeed is godliness [Full Article...]

Health and toilets

AMARTYA Sen kicked off the campaign for public toilets in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned it into reality. The world’s biggest sanitation programme is now on in the country. But research shows that while the programme may reduce the practice of open defecation in the country, it may not improve its health indicators. It does not protect against diarrhea in children under [Full Article...]

Thoughts for the Elderly

ONE of the effects of urban migration and young people going abroad in search of El Dorado is that elderly parents have to live alone in their native places. The current figure is about 50 lakhs. There is a gender angle to the problem. Almost three quarters of these old people are women mostly in rural areas. Some old people live as undesirable burdens [Full Article...]