A historic pact

India has signed a historic accord with the rebel NSCN (IM) promising that state will return to normal and enabling India to promote its Act East policy. The Naga insurgents were led by T. Muivah, chairman of the NSCN(IM), the largest of the Naga insurgent groups and marked the end of the longest period of insurgency in the north–east. The pact  was signed in [Full Article...]

Omar’s death

  Rumours had been afloat for some time to the effect that redoubtable Taliban leader Mullah Omar had been dead. The Taliban have finally confirmed it. For the last two years, they tried to keep him alive. They had at last realised that the conspiracy of silence is of no avail. If Mullah Omar had been alive, the Taliban would have had to accept [Full Article...]

Shillong’s tryst with destiny

  It is exactly a week today since former President APJ Abdul Kalam collapsed in the middle of a lecture at  IIM Shillong on July 27. Since then ‘IIM Shillong’ has been mentioned innumerable times on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and articles in newspapers and magazines. Condolence meets are being organised by different institutions on a daily basis this whole week and will perhaps continue [Full Article...]

Devastated Iraq

Iraq has been devastated for a number of years causing severe hardship to the people of the country. More than 2 million have been killed, millions injured and around 4 million rendered homeless as a result of President and dictator Bashar-al-Assad’s struggle for survival with the Iraqi rebels. Military aid and supply of weapons to anti-Assad rebels, some of them associated with Al-Qaeda, have [Full Article...]

Enclaves exchange

A number of social organizations and human rights groups fear that the exchange of enclaves according to the Land Border Agreement between India and Bangladesh may lead to a situation similar to that during Partition in 1947. At that time many people lost their land and could not go to the country of their choice. India and Bangladesh have arrived at a figure about [Full Article...]

Suicides galore

A report on suicides and accidental deaths in India for 2014 released by the Crime Records Bureau reveals that over one lakh people in the country have been killing themselves annually since 2014. The World Health Organisation published a similar report last year. In fact, the suicide rate in India in 2012 was the highest in the world. It is astonishing that the gloomy [Full Article...]

Shillong made famous

Who would have thought that the most loved and respected former President APJ Abdul Kalam would breathe his last in these hills that he has learnt to admire and compare to a polluted Delhi. Dr Kalam chose to travel by road instead of taking the helicopter from Guwahati to Upper Shillong, a mere twenty minute ride. Perhaps the former President is one who believes [Full Article...]

Democracy demands eternal vigilance

  The terror attacks in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district, where at least eight people lost their lives on Monday morning, is a warning that India cannot slacken its defenses. India has since tightened its security on its border with Pakistan. It appears that terrorists were dressed in army uniform. This suggests a slackening of vigilance as the Congress Party spokesperson has stated. But this is [Full Article...]