Nongshken to support local MDC

SHILLONG: The Nongshken Constituency Development & Monitoring Committee (NCD&MC) has maintained that they will continue to support local MDC Grace Mary Kharpuri in the 2019 Council elections.
In a statement issued here, the committee pointed out that the people of the Nongshken constituency benefitted from her contributions and schemes such as the Special Assistance of Central Plan.
Further, the committee said that she was instrumental in the establishment of schools at Kongwang, Nongjri, Pongtung, Pynter, Umkrem and Pomshutia.
“Roads and footpaths at many places such as Lyngkhong, Nongthymmai (L), Pyrnai, Nongtyngur, Lumwahniai, Pashum, Mawpyrthuh, Hat Thymmai, Tishang, Mawkyrnot and many others were also because of her contributions,” the committee said.