BJP keen to shed anti-minority image

SHILLONG: BJP MLA and health and family welfare minister AL Hek has said his party, which is a partner in the NPP-led coalition government in the state, will remove the apprehensions of the people and opposition parties through its commitment to the development of Meghalaya.
Asked about the HSPDP’s strong opposition to the BJP being a part of the new government, Hek said the saffron party will put to rest all doubts about its allegedly communal and anti-minority agenda through commitment to economic development of the state.
Stating that the HSPDP’s opposition to the BJP’s inclusion in the government was a personal matter of the party, Hek said the two HSPDP MLAs who joined the new government are positive in their outlook and committed to serving the people.
“Maybe certain sections of society and a few political parties think that the BJP is against Christians and minorities but I am assuring them that we will work for development and our task will be to remove such fears,” he told reporters.
The health minister said that like Meghalaya there are many Christian MLAs in states like Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and even Assam who are working with the BJP for the development of the North-East as a whole.
“Why, then, there is so much apprehension about the BJP’s alleged majoritarian character only in Meghalaya? If there are such fears our aim is to remove them because otherwise we would not be able to move forward as a state,” he maintained.
Former HSPDP president Ardent Basaiawmoit, who recently resigned from his post, has expressed stiff opposition to the BJP’s inclusion in the new government and had asked the two HSPDP MLAs to desist from supporting the government. However, the two MLAs flouted the party directive.