Battle line drawn for election of Meghalaya Assembly Speaker


SHILLONG: Both the ruling and the Opposition parties on Thursday filed their respective nominations for the election of Speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly which will be held on Monday.

State Congress Spokesperson, Zenith Sangma along with their candidate, Winnerson D Sangma, Nongthymmai, MLA Charles Pyngrope and Mawlai MLA, PT Sawkmie met the Meghalaya Assembly commissioner and secretary Andrew Simons and submitted the nomination papers to him.

The decision of the Congress to nominate Winnerson was taken during a meeting called at the residence of the former chief minister, Mukul Sangma, on Wednesday.

Speaking to media persons, Zenith Sangma said that the name of Winnerson Momin was proposed by him and PT Sawkmie.  

On the other hand, the ruling NPP also submitted the name of former Chief Minister, Dr Donkupar Roy as its candidate for the election of the Speaker of the Assembly.

The name of Roy was proposed by NPP MLA James Sangma and others.

The name of Roy as the nominee of MDA coalition was suggested as per the agreement arrived at by the coalition partners prior to the formation of the new government.

Stating that they are always positive about any election, Sangma added that only time will tell if they would get the support of the majority of the members of the house or not for the election of the Speaker.

The NPP-led ruling at present has the support of 34 MLAs in the House.

On the other hand, Sangma also alleged that the nexus of BJP and NPP had been exposed during the formation of the Government here in Meghalaya.

When asked what went wrong with Congress in the recently concluded polls, Sangma said that one of the factor was money power of BJP, adding that the party as a whole have to analyze the other factors which led to the formation of the NPP-BJP led Government in Meghalaya.

“People of Meghalaya have not given their mandate to BJP but BJP celebrated throughout the nation as if people of Meghalaya have given their mandate to them   and this is the prima facie evidence that there is nexus between BJP and NPP,” Zenith Sangma told reporters.