The Woman behind a successful man!


TURA: Behind every successful man there is a woman, say the wise. So it is too for Conrad K Sangma, the chief architect of the NPP victory in this election in Meghalaya.

While steadfast in her support for her husband whose out of the box ideas have given the NPP the distinct cliché, Dr. Mehtab A Sangma also maintained that the mandate was a testament of Late P A Sangma’s legacy.

“Late Purno Sangma’s ‘connect’ with the people of Garo Hills has been legendary and this is a relationship which has paid rich dividends to the party even though our former leader is no more. He still remains amongst us,” said Conrad’s wife.

Recently blessed with a second daughter, the 33-year-old wife of the NPP president speaks about the hard work and sacrifice made by her husband for the party in this elections.

“In 2013 the NPP was a new party. There was very little time to expand its base and prepare the groundwork. Today, the party has done exceptionally well under the guidance of Late P A Sangma’s son Conrad Sangma. People have given their endorsement of late leader P A Sangma through his son,” says daughter-in-law Dr Mehtab Sangma.