Spreading peace

Prem Rawat is a globally renowned motivational speaker attracting audiences from all walks of life. His speech motivates people in creating culture of humanity and peace. The honorary title, Ambassador of Peace, has been granted to him by the International University of Peace, Brazil.
As the world advances globally in every sphere Rawat asks, “Are human beings really thriving, achieving their true potential, or are we just surviving?”
Addressing ‘The Young President’s Organization’ in Europe on the subject of “How do we become better Leaders?”, Rawat said, “We talk about the need for prosperity. In my formula, prosperity without human contentment is chaos.”
Prem has won numerous awards in recognition of his work. In 2012, he was awarded the ‘Asia Pacific Brand Laureate Lifetime Achievement Award’.
Rawat says we do not need anybody else to judge us. “We can easily do that ourselves. And, of course, in case we ever miss, there is the world waiting to judge us. And if the world misses, you have your relatives. It is like there are all these built in safety checks, just in case somebody misses.”
“But there is a world, where there is no judgment. There is a love—a love that can reach every human being and touch every human heart. There is a feeling. There is an understanding. And that is the world inside of you. Which world do you want,” this is what Rawat has to say in conclusion.