Incomplete slogan.


 The article, “The Modi Visit: An Analysis” authored by Patricia Mukhim (ST Dec 22, 2017), is quite thought provoking and it has indeed posed few very viable questions which the public thinks the BJP must respond to. However, my attention has extensively gone to the question put in paragraph 1 of the said article which reads as :-  What’s the point of the “Beti bachao, beti parhao” slogan when the person who has coined it does not even wonder where all the women have disappeared from the welcome party right from Upper Shillong helipad? 

            I wish to put here that the slogan “Beti bachao, beti parhao” would have been complete for the stereotype, if it is written as “Beti bachoo, beti parhao, lekin, beti ko aagay mat barhao”. But for the liberalist, the slogan would have been complete if it is written as “Beti bachao, beti parhao, aur, beti ko aagay barhaoo”.  Since the issue of women representation is likely to dominate the election campaign during 2018 Meghalaya Assembly Election, it would be quite interesting to see how many party tickets are offered by different political parties to women candidates!            

 Yours etc 

Aneeta Synrem



Making Christmas more meaningful!


It is time to say Merry Christmas. Also, it is time to remember the teachings of Jesus Christ. According to Mark 12:31, Jesus said, ~ “Love your neighbour as yourself.” This is the secrets of our survival. A machine is built by assembling separate parts. Thus, every mechanical part needs to cooperate with its neighbouring parts to ensure smooth running of a machine. If a part starts competing with its neighbouring parts then the machine will breakdown due to a mechanical failure. Not only does this condition hold good in the case of a machine, but also when it comes to a human body or a human society. This is a crucial factor to running of a system ~ be it a simple or a complex machine and be it a village or an urban society. 

Recently, Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi has started a campaign called “100 million for 100 million”. Currently, almost 168 million or 10 per cent of the world’s population in  the 5 – 17 age group, are trapped in labour and over half of them are exposed to hazardous work all over the world. The idea of the campaign is to mobilize 100 million youth across the world for shaping a better future of 100 million less – privileged children. Indeed, it can usher in an ideal world. If everyone of us takes the responsibility of looking after just one helpless child in our neighbouring locality then everyday in our calendar will truly be a real Merry Christmas! 

Yours etc.,

Sujit De,



Ensure peace in Palestine


The recent decision of US President Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem was turned down by the 128 countries in the United Nations. The world shows that they are against the announcement of capital Jerusalem as Israel capital.  The time has come when Israel and US should think about the decision of new capital Jerusalem and should take back the decision for world peace and for the sake of Palestine.  The US President Donald Trump had warned the countries that the US would stop financial assistance in the future if they vote against the decision of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. US President tactics  has not materialised and world unity shows that his dictatorship can’t stop countries from voting against the Israel decision. In this aftermath the world leaders should break  diplomatic ties with Israel until it revokes the decision. We have to give the rights to the Palestinian people to live in a peaceful world by ending the atrocities and injustices committed by Israel.  The world is  responsible for ensuring that the Palestine and Israel find a permanent solution.  

Yours etc.,

Syed Nisar Mehdi