Of fake Mr Universe!


I am amused to know from your esteemed daily about the participation of one Prasanto Basumatari of Meghalaya in the so-called ‘Mr Universe’ Body Building Championship. I am associated with the body building sport for about 35 years now. The Indian Body Builders Federation with its headquarters at Mumbai is the only federation recognised by the Government of India, Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs. This Federation is the official body which controls the sport in India and sends participants to various international championships. I know for sure that  presently there is no ‘Mr Universe’ contest in which India is taking part.

What is amazing is that this Prasanto Basumatari is not even a zonal champion, far less a national championship (in his weight category). Needless to say that the Indian team for any international event is selected from amongst the national championship in their respective weight categories. Unfortunately, many unauthorised and dubious organisations are springing up and to justify their existence promoting sub-standard body builders who are winning “‘high sounding titles,” and getting undeserved temporary publicity. This class of body builders is short- circuiting hard-scientific workout and becoming BIG by random use of banned drugs.

My own state has a quarter of a dozen so-called “Mr Universe” who faded away from
public memory within weeks. Some years ago a literally small man from Assam became “Mr Universe'” after participating in a contest organised by an American TV Channel. He came first out of two contestants. What is amazing is that he had never even won the state championship. India had the privilege of having produced legendary body builders (Mr Universe) like Late Monotosh Roy, Late Manohar Aich and Premchand Dogra, who brought international laurels for the country. Late Roy and Aich are even today remembered by the body building community of the world. They belonged to the class of legends like Reg Park, Bill Pearl and Larry Scot. Compared to their standard, today’s Tom, Dick and Harry are a shame to the country. Equally shameful is the role of the publicity seeking promoters of the sport.

Yours etc.,

  1. Bhattacharjee


The ‘right’ mistake?


What could be the worst possible mistake on our roads today? As much as we talk of safety, we often forget that we drive ourselves into it by our wrong ideas and concepts. The current mistake which leads to a big nuisance on our roads is caused by the wrong idea about the right signal light. This indicator light is to be used only and ONLY IF we want to turn right and not to let the person behind overtake you. It is frequently observed that a person indicating right is turning or stopping to the left. This is the right mistake which many drivers make. It causes a big confusion for the person behind as he\she does not know whether the person in front is moving to the right or making way. The right way for stopping to the left is to indicate the left signal light and leave it on for a quick stop, then indicate right signal light for joining the traffic again. A single indicator light cannot have two contradicting indications. To simplify what I wrote – intending to turn RIGHT use the RIGHT signal and intending to turn LEFT use the LEFT signal. As a responsible driver I urge the fellow drivers and concerned authorities to take up this matter and see that the roads remain safe for all.

 Yours etc.,

Luke Warjri


Deficiency in supply of LPG cylinders


With reference to the caption I wish to state that ‘Khasi Pnar Gas Agency, Bara Bazar, Shillong’ is supplying domestic gas cylinders to our residents at Upper Mawprem, Shillong. The last date of delivery was on September 27, 2017. As of today over two months have passed but till date the Agency has not supplied the next cylinder. We are all informed that we are entitled to get yearly 12 Nos. of domestic gas with subsidy; unfortunately we are getting only 6 or 7 Nos. of cylinders annually with subsidy. Further, we should get as many cylinders as are needed many but without the subsidy, however we are not even getting that! Interestingly we can get LPG cylinders in the black market at Rs 1200 per cylinder. I have the enclosures showing the date of delivery of gas cylinders to the residents at Upper Mawprem near Dairy, Shillong. From this enclosure it appears that from 2012 to 2017 (till date) 40 Nos. of gas cylinders have been delivered whereas it should have been 71 cylinders till date @ one per month. From the given enclosures it appears that the gap between deliveries of consecutive two gas cylinders is 52.72 days whereas we should have received one in every 30- 31 days. We should have received 12 cylinders whereas we are receiving 6 or 7 a year. Will the Deputy Commissioner (Supply) be kind enough to take necessary action against the dealer? For the sake of transparency please make necessary directions to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited and to the State Government to get an independent audit to verify the reasons for short delivery of gas cylinders to the residents at Upper Mawprem, Shillong under the supplier `Khasi Pnar Gas Agency’, Bara Bazar, Shillong.

Yours etc.,

Dil Bahadur Chetri,