KSU pays tributes to Bull Lyngdoh on death anniversary

SHILLONG:The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) observed the 23rd death anniversary of KSU leader, Bull N Lyngdoh who passed away in the year 1994, at the location where the bust of the late union leader is being erected at Dhankheti, on Thursday.

Present leaders and relatives of Lyngdoh recalled the unrelenting nature of the late leader in opposing the onslaught of illegal immigrants during his active years in the early Eighties in the state.

Speaking on the occasion, KSU president Lambok Marngar reiterated the Union’s stand against illegal immigrants especially their enrolment in the electoral roll in the state and urged political parties to refrain from cajoling illegal immigrants to gain their votes in the polls.

Referring to the thirty-two KSU members who were arrested for cases of arson etc., against them and released recently, he said, “The fight against the railway project in the state that once was led by him (Lyngdoh) will continue. As a union, we will not bow down.”

He added that allowing in railways in the state would be  a bane for  the people without the existence of proper mechanism to protect the indigenous people.

“We will strive hard, but we are not trouble makers. Back in 1989, the same leader (Lyngdoh) opposed the railway project and was arrested and taken to Silchar,” Marngar said.

According to him, the jail should be the site of inspiration to the KSU members and he puts it as “come what may, the KSU will keep rolling out its work.”