KSU raises concern over harassment of border people by Assam Police


NONGPOH: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has raised concern over continued harassment of people residing in inter-state boundary areas between Meghalaya and Assam under Block II of Raid Nongtung by Assam police and stated that this has affected the progress of several development works being carried out by Meghalaya government in the area.

This was informed by the leaders of Khasi Students Union, Raid Nongtung Area Circle comprising Edmund Shadap, President and Aloysius Bina, General Secretary during a meeting with newsmen here at Nongpoh on Tuesday.

Protesting against the continued harassment by the Assam Police, the KSU leaders said that such harassment from time to time by the Assam Police had created a sense of insecurity among the people residing in these border villages of Raid Nongtung and that this should be strongly condemned by one and all.

They also alleged that the Assam Government through its Police Department had not only disturbed peace and tranquility among the local people residing in border area of Raid Nongtung in Ri Bhoi District, but also affected several developmental works being carried out by various departments of Meghalaya.

The KSU leaders also informed that on November 29 last, Assam Police came to Umwang Village and forced the village leaders to dismantle the foundation stone of a playground laid by the KHADC.

They also informed that the Assam Police had instructed the village leaders to obtain permission (No Objection Certificate) from Deputy Commissioner of Karbi Anglong before commencement of projects and that without it no projects would be allowed to progress.

“The Union was very much concerned on the step-motherly attitude of the Meghalaya Government toward the problems faced by the people of border areas and this has encouraged the Assam government through the Assam Police to keep on harassing our people in the border area” they said.

They also informed that various government projects of the Meghalaya government were not allow to progress in these border areas for instance, construction of Eri Silk House which is yet to be completed. The project was totally stopped following the intervention of the Assam Police beside other projects like electrification of border villages being carried out by the MePDCL which is also on a hold.


The Union has also expressed of deep concerned over Assam government’s proposal to set up police outpost at Umru village whereas the Meghalaya government had done nothing to look into the matter.


The KSU Raid Nongtung Circle has strongly urged the immediate intervention of Meghalaya Government especially in respect of obstruction of implementation of Meghalaya government’s projects by Assam Police. The Union has decided to convene a meeting with the village leaders and local people of border area to discuss future course of action against the continued harassment of Assam Government.