With him
I play hide and seek in my sleep
with a dark figure who visits me.
My hands were once nailed in the
bathroom wall
As he tried to consume me with his shadow.
But I narrowly escaped,
I offered him diamonds
I offered him gold
when yesterday he said he stole
a part of me that loves to feel love.
I’ve died many years
disappearing from the world trying to cry.
When I walk alone in those busy footpaths
All alone
I see his eyes in unfamiliar faces
Sometimes I used to smile
to my mother with his strange smile.
Willie Gordon Suting
Power of love
Among the dark and sordid world
I met a lady, full beautiful, a Fairy’s child.
Dark hair she wore with sparkling eyes,
And lips so sweet with fainting smiles.
Her clear stream heart that shown so bright,
To fill her attire with happiness and love.
Me thought; from Venus throne do she descend
To fill the world with love and light.
A Charming prince she did meet
To fill her world with endless love.
A precious gift did she received
From Venus hand as she perceived
Humanity that has lost the sense of love and beauty
Through her shines the power of love.
To awake men from its dark and sordid world
Realising that love still shines,
Somewhere in the comer of the world
To say “Hello”, to someone
And show that it’s still live to fill the hearts of some, with hopeful sense of love
That it still exist in this world.
Farahbell Sahkhar
Every dawn awakes to greet the first ray.
Every morning waits to paint
the day with a vibgyor.
Colourful birds of the day hid the
luggage of happiness in their feathers
to fly the first joyous flight in the horizon.
Appealing sight of the blooming roses
generated millions of wave in the heart
for ressurection of past reminiscence.
Emerging beam smeared the daylight with new zeal for a new life; in quest of new truth.
Heart wears the clothes of feelings
and longings to yield fleshy dream.
Mind is tempted by the song of the
boat man for washing its chambers.
Half sunk radar of the boat penetrated
into my bosom to dig the lake of love to
enlive the lost joy of the heart.
Pale lamps of the road side stand blazed the sky to light from ashes and debris.
Parthajit Borah