See colours of success

By Ranjan K Baruah

Many of us are fond of artworks as an artist or a painter can explain many things through his or her work. We have seen famous art work like ‘Monalisa’. An artist or painter is someone who is very creative and creates things which are very unique. From childhood we see children taking part in many art competition but all of them do not choose painting as profession as artists’ field is very competitive and takes a lot of hard work, determination and overall perseverance to succeed. One needs immense talent for creating original, unique pieces of art to be a successful painter.
Painting is an art in which colours and lines make a visual impression. It is the means of expressing ones ideas or feelings to others in pictorial form.
Painting not only mean the traditional paintings on canvas, but also on glass, ceramic, pot, fabric etc as well as it could be using different paint mediums such as water colour, pastels, oil etc.
Not only brushes but knives, spatula, nibs and even twigs could be used for painting designs. There are new things like live painting which are on demand these days and it is very attractive too.
To become a successful painter there is no formal qualification required or we can say that painting is an art that requires no qualification. But by taking a course a person can be trained and his inherent ability can be polished and developed under a trainer.
There are many fine arts colleges and institutions offering undergraduate level to higher level degrees in drawing and painting. One can do bachelor, master’s or diploma courses to brush up skills.
Creativity is more important than educational qualification. Some of the courses includes B.A. Painting, B.A. Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, B.F.A. Painting, Certificate course in painting, Diploma in painting, M.A in Drawing and painting, M.A in Painting, Sculpture, Applied Arts, M.F.A in Painting, etc.
Some institutes are Government Maharani Laxmi bai Post Graduate Girls College, Indore, Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad, Kala Bhavan (Institute of Fine Arts), Santiniketan, Sir J.J Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, College of Art, Delhi, etc. Some of the job profiles are Arts Administrator, Art Restoration Specialist, Visiting Artist, Commercial Artist, Painter, Interior Designer, Decorator-Wall Papering, Painting Engineer, Teacher, Comic Artist, Art Director, Animation Programmer, Graphic Designer, etc.
It is very challenging to be a successful painter as initially one need to struggle a lot.
Aspirants studying in good institute can get some break easily but people who are from remote areas or do not have any formal degrees or diplomas need to struggle initially. Communication skill is also important as it helps in reaching out to others and showcases the hidden talents.
Art or painting can become a tool for generating awareness on various social issues. As it speaks many thing so it helps in disseminating information. One can get engaged with various campaigns through their art work and earn a good livelihood. It is important to have perseverance if someone wants to be successful in life through art works or any other paintings.

(Ranjan K Baruah is a career mentor and can be reached at or 9864055558 for any career related queries)