Wine making a potential livelihood 


The recently concluded Annual Shillong Wine Festival that was held with much pomp and show had drawn entrepreneurs from far and near to showcase their products. So far the State Government has only provided space for holding this festival. It will have to do more than that. The other factor is that most licensed wine shops which actually are liquor shops that we see around, are misusing the term  wine and calling their shops wine stores. Liquor includes a whole range of alcoholic drinks and not just wine. The state authorities should recognize that wine making in Meghalaya can become a thriving livelihood and encourage this nascent activity. There is scope for improving and implementing the same. However, it all depends on whether those in the Excise Department are actually encouraging the production of local wine or they are interested in revenue generation from the liquor business.

Yours etc… 

Dominic S. Wankhar,

Via email

Neglected roads in Jowai Town

The road opposite Ripnar Gas Agency Jowai, is in an extremely dilapidated condition and one finds it difficult to ply on this road. Though many pot holes in Jowai Town are  being filled up but this particular road is neglected. This road actually needs major repair works. Interestingly this road leads to the Inspection Bungalow and to the Office of the Superintendent Police Jowai. I wonder why this old and much used road is left unattended by the authorities concerned. It shows that the District  Administration and the Public Works Department have failed this road. This road is also located behind the Office of the Deputy Commissioner Jowai. We see pebbles scattered all along this road. VIPS who come to stay in the Inspection Bungalow are astonished to find such poor road condition. Elections are approaching yet many road projects are left untouched. This is how public money is drained year after year. Can we be optimistic that a good leader will emerge in 2018? .

Meanwhile the road from Jowai to Dawki up to Pynthor Village is equally damaged. Many tourists frequent this road to visit some of the tourist spots in Jaintia Hills hence this raod at least should have been in a better condition, but in vain. What are our elected representatives doing? These roads are an indicator of a failed government and a failed public representative. Will anyone listen to our please?

Yours etc.,  

Omarga Laloo




Is Govt wrong to ask for Aadhar Card?


Nothing would be as disgusting as the “warning” that you cannot withdraw your money, or you can’t even do the normal transactions in your bank accounts. Is this not a threat-like message we are being endlessly bombarded by most of the banks, share-market agencies nowadays? They are bullying us to link all our accounts to our ‘Aadhar’ ID number. What if we do not share Aadhar card ID with the financial agencies? How could they suspend the bank accounts of citizens? First, the Government asked all citizens, including the poor and deprived sections to open bank accounts. Now it’s saying that they cannot withdraw that money if they do not link them to their Aadhar no. Does it not sound suspicious? Is this not the character of a fraudster? Yes, it is a serious crime. It’s an unpardonable sin not to allow the public to withdraw its hard-earned money. 

Perhaps many are coming to know now what “Aadhar” is all about. Well, what do we share with the government to obtain this Aadhar ID card? We share those things which we have not shared with our most beloved wife/husband/parents. The government can reach up to the bone-marrow of our identity. Our ten fingerprints aside, the non-identical images of our two iris (eyes) will be in the kitty of the Government. What might lead to this generous sharing? It could be portentously sinister. It could shake the very “Aadhar” (foundation) of our being on the surface of the Earth. Many logically fear that one could be, fairly or unfairly, tainted with some kind of guilt and offenses.

Of course, for such crucially ambiguous reasons the Supreme Court of India has withheld the linking of Aadhar to our bank accounts. The case is sub- judice now how how can the banking sector and mobile companies issue warning after warning and make people nervous?

Government should being a modern day Shylock by asking for a pound of our DNA (identity) so rudely. 


Yours etc.,

 Salil Gewali,