The best teacher

Nature is the greatest boon that man has been gifted with. Nature teaches us many things through various ways. Man with his remarkable intellectual skills has always learned from Nature thus leading to a flourishing civilisation. The life, undoubtedly a journey through a long complicated path, can be lived in its most meaningful way only by following the lessons we learn from Nature because it forms the foundation for everything.

What it teaches
Nature provides everyone an opportunity to look up to its one or the other form to discover the precious gifts. It teaches us how to live a balanced life with confidence and head held high.
Nature demonstrates equality and unconditional love. Everything in Nature like sunlight, rain, trees, water is for all to enjoy without discrimination. Similarly, man should be selfless and helpful. Nature remains highly adaptable, calm and patient, never ceasing to help with its resources even after being exploited by humans. Inculcating this lesson of generosity will help us understand the meaninglessness of hatred and violence.
The moon and its stars display the importance of unity. The fading moon imparts the idea of accepting the inevitable yet going on with life. We need to learn the essence of hope and to leave the bad things behind from the sun that rises every day. To never give up but face difficulties to reach our goal is the lesson taught by the gushing rivers. The majestic mountains fill us with mental strength and determination, to aim high by overpowering the impossible. Even a fragile butterfly points out how precious life is; it struggles all the way from coming out of its cocoon to feeding itself each day. It fills the world with colours even after knowing that its life is short!
We learn nothing is constant in life from the changing seasons and how best one can cope with each situation. Like the interdependent Nature, we must share peace and harmony among the world community where we are dependent on each other.
The leaves and flowers indicate the stages of life where they eventually fall to make way for younger ones. The lesson is to make our lives meaningful by supporting the needful to live a better life.
Technology, be it small or big, that man has developed and is using to tame nature has derived inspiration from Mother Nature herself! Be it the Fibonacci numbers, aeroplanes, auto navigation systems, nano technology, sticking tapes or the simple irrigation of a farmland, man has learnt that from nature.

My observations
Nature is everywhere — it comprises the whole world, the sky, water and even the microscopic organisms. I believe in learning from anything and everything in nature. Even the fallen leaf becomes manure for another sapling. No one teaches a woodpecker to peck a hole on a tree but it knows how to survive. The amazing system of ants to organise their work by dividing responsibilities is a perfect example for humans to coexist. Nature always makes use of only what is required. A tree never amasses more soil or water than it requires, an animal never collects too much food than it can eat at a time. We must learn to avoid being greedy or amassing wealth needlessly. Having firm values like the roots of a tree will enable us to triumph through difficult times. We must strengthen and keep together our family which forms our strong roots at all times of happiness and sorrow. As we witness hatred and disharmony among communities every day, lessons from nature like these will ensure a better world for us to live in.

My experiences
I love to learn and enjoy each aspect of nature. Being out in nature has soothened and rejuvenated my senses. But sadly the air was fresher, the land was cleaner, the water was clearer and the surroundings were greener when I was younger.
The rains are less now, the climate is unpredictable, the trees are falling and the birds are dying due to human habits. We have invaded their habitats like sky and forest for our convenience leaving them to wander for food and shelter. All these disasters lead us to learning an urgent lesson to stop harming or polluting our environment and preserve it or else life itself will be wiped out from Earth.

(Contributed by Agnivesh Jyotiraditya
Kannankara, Class IX)