Firm ‘violates’ ban on boulder extraction

KSU seeks action against Dhar Construction Company

Machineries of Dhar Construction Company
while extracting boulders from Umiam River
in Ri Bhoi District. (ST)

NONGPOH: Extraction of boulders from the Umiam continues unabated despite a ban in the State.
The Eastern Border Area unit of the Khasi Students’ Union on Saturday stalled boulder extraction by Dhar Construction Company in Ri Bhoi district.
Banjop Maring, the KSU unit’s president, denounced the district administration for not acting against the company for reckless extraction of boulders from the Umiam, which is affecting the environment. The government has banned sand mining and boulder extraction.
Maring, along with other KSU members, inspected the site on Saturday. The construction company was using an excavator and several dumpers were ferrying the extracted boulders, KSU found out.
“Any river body is a ‘no man’s land’ and no one can claim his ownership of the river. But a few opportunists are violating norms and that is unacceptable and the union will oppose such action. If extraction of boulders continues, we will take action as per the law,” Maring said.
The KSU stated that continuous extraction of boulders by Dhar Construction is contaminating the river leading to mass killing of aquatic life, besides destroying the natural beauty of the river. The KSU has decided to lodge a complaint with the deputy commissioner of Ri Bhoi and the district council for stern action against the company. “If no action is taken, the union will approach higher authorities,” said Maring.