Campaigning kicks off for Nongstoin by poll

(From left) Independent candidate Fenela L Nonglait, Congress nominee Gabriel Wahlang, HSPDP’s Diosstarness Jyndiang and UDP candidate Mosklandar
Marngar address the crowd separately in Nongstoin on Thursday. (ST)

NONGSTOIN: Election fever gripped Nongstoin on Thursday with public meetings called by the four contenders for the Nongstoin Assembly seat witnessing a barrage of accusations at the opposition candidates.
The meeting kicked off with HSPDP candidate Diosstarness Jyndiang accompanied by party leaders L.G. Nongsiej, K.P. Pangniang and Witting Mawsor taking the centre stage.
HSPDP president and star campaigner Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit said the bye election in Nongstoin would be the first step for the beginning of a new era where the HSPDP will come to power in 2018. He claimed that the party had spread his wings in different corners of East Khasi Hills, Ri Bhoi and Jaintia Hills.
“The HSPDP welcomes all regional parties to work together under the banner of the HSPDP,” Basaiawmoit said, while accusing the Congress led MUA-II government of making false        promises and assurances time and again.
HSPDP candidate Diosstarness Jyndiang clarified that he was not only the driver and personal assistant of late Hoping Stone Lyngdoh but would also become the future leaders of the HSPDP and the MLA of Nongstoin.
He also exuded confidence that the people of Nongstoin, who had showered their love on late Hoping Stone for 55 long years, would help him successfully complete the remainder of the term the great leader who passed away on September 26.
Independent candidate Fenela Lyngdoh Nonglait took the dais next with KHNAM leaders Adelbert Nongrum and James Ban Basaiawmoit and some HSPDP faction leaders.
She said people of Nongstoin needed change in the form of a person with the capacity to lead the people, especially the young minds, towards a better future.
She also said that her commitment was to strive for the rights of the indigenous people of the State and the district. She added that late Hoping Stone Lyngdoh had initiated his clean politics campaign and with his demise she would continue to carry on his vision and a mission to change. She declared that with the support of the people of Nongstoin she was confident of emerging victorious.
She alleged that the HSPDP had become a one man decision making entity which has led to clash and factionalism in the people’s party.
She also blamed the failure of the State government with regards to the NGT ban on coal mining and the pending VAB issue.
UDP candidate Mosklandar Marngar was accompanied by party chief Donkupar Roy and legislator Metbah Lyngdoh and others.
Marngar clarified at the beginning that the allegations leveled against him by Fenela Lyngdoh of him being pro uranium mining were misleading.
He stated that during his time as an NGO leader, he had proposed for development of the region and had opposed uranium mining following the decision of the people.
He also stated that as a responsible NGO leader he knew about the problems of the people of the area and was aiming to win the election for the sake of the educated jobless youths.
Congress candidate Gabriel Wahlang was led by Deputy Chief Minister Rowell Lyngdoh, DCA Minister H.D.R. Lyngdoh and other party workers and supporters.
H.D.R. Lyngdoh said the Congress had given the ticket to Wahlang after looking at the ability of the candidate to win the election.
He urged voters of Nongstoin to think wisely and vote for the candidate who can fulfill their aspirations.
Wahlang promised to bring development to the constituency and repair the pathetic roads within the constituency.
He also asserted that if he wins the by poll he would strive to develop agriculture, solve the problem of unemployment in the area and bring all round development to Nongstoin constituency which is lagging behind in many respects.