KSU vows to take State Govt head-on over influx

Time to go on hiding is over: Daniel Khyriem

KSU members at the Khasi National Awakening Day programme at Motphran on Saturday. (ST)

SHILLONG: Sending a strong signal to the state government on influx issue, the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has decided to take on the former face-to-face while agitating against any of its decision.
“The time to go on hiding is over. As leaders, we are all ready to agitate openly and take on the Government against any of its decision which we feel is against the interest of our people,” KSU president Daniel Khyriem said at a public meeting organized to observe the Khasi National Awakening Day here on Saturday.
He said that the time has come to tell the Government that “it cannot continue to suppress the rights and interests of the indigenous people.”
“In the past 43 years, the rights and interest of indigenous people have been suppressed from all sides. We will not allow anyone to dictate us from now on,” the KSU president said.
He said that the aggressiveness on the part of the leaders of the pressure groups can be best observed during the recent incident pertaining to electoral rolls at the East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner’s office.
He said that the continuous pursuance on the part of the pressure groups had compelled the Government to set up entry and exit points to check the influx of ‘outsiders’.
“No people from outside will be able to enter our State without being scrutinized by the authorities. Not only this, the outsiders will not be able to reside at any of the localities since they will have to acquire the NOC from the Rangbah Shnong,” KSU president said.