Water scarcity hits city residents

A woman pushes her watercart at Pokseh-Nongthymmai area( UB)

SHILLONG: The long spell of dry season in the State has resulted in a water scarcity in the capital city with various localities facing a sudden drop in water supply.

The scarcity of water at a time when the State is observing Easter has irked residents of the city.

Residents have complained that the water supply has gone down in several localities forcing people to resort to use of ball-bearing carts to fetch water. Even in the Cantonment areas like Jhalupara, ) residents have been experiencing a drop in the water supply for the past 5 -6 days.

With no sight of the rain, people are clueless about how to mitigate the water shortage and manage enough water to meet their daily requirements.

Incidentally, when contacted, some officials from the PHE department refused to comment saying that they were out of station, even as they refused to admit the scarcity of water in the city.