Rumours grip fear-stricken city

Two garment shops which were allegedly burnt JB Textile by unidentified miscreants at Police Bazaar on Thusday morning. (Photo by Sanjib Bhattacharjee).

SHILLONG: Rumours on market place burning and shops being gutted in and around the city seem to be the order of the day instilling a sense of fear and discomfort among the public.

Rumours on Bara Bazaar on fire were spread on late Friday afternoon causing widespread panic among the people living in the nearby areas while another rumour on an arson case at Lower Mawprem was also spread on the same night.

The market place was surrounded by police personnel and the ADM also arrived at the spot and waited there for hours just to find out that the information passed was nothing but rumours to instill a sense of fear among the people.

Reacting strongly to such cases, East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police M Kharkrang said “These rumours were spread with a malicious intention and the police will deal with such rumour mongers with firm hands,” while at the same time urging the people to confirm with the nearest police station before coming to a conclusion.

Meanwhile, East Khasi Hills Deputy Commissioner Sanjay Goyal said that in several meetings held between the district administration and the locality heads and members, numbers were exchange in case there are any emergency to enable the local heads to contact the district administration to initiate actions accordingly.

The DC has also asked the public to contact the police control room at 100 or 0364-2222277 to verify the fact in case they hear of any such incidences taking place in any part of the city.