Dorbar halts TB hospital work

By Our Reporter

The construction work of a new TB hospital expected to come up at Umsawli-Mawpat obstructed by the local heads on Monday. (UB)

 SHILLONG: The Dorbar Shnong of Mawpat Umsawli on Monday stopped the ongoing construction work of the TB Hospital, proposed to be set up in the area, stating that the work was started without obtaining the mandatory no objection certificate (NOC) from the Dorbar Shnong.

Justifying the act, the Dorbar Shnong made it clear it would not issue NOC “since the government failed to respond its opposition to shift TB hospital from its current location at Mawprem to Mawpat.”

“We have suggested to the government to build the proposed medical college at New Shillong Township. Let the TB hospital remain at Mawprem considering the proximity of the area for the benefit of the poor,” general secretary of Mawpat Umsawli, E Khar-ir said.

Further, Khar-ir said that the water sources supplying drinking water to over five villages of the area would be affected if the construction work was carried out.

Rangbah Shnong of Mawpat Umsawli, Khrawbuit Ryntathiang said that he does not understand the logic behind shifting the TB hospital from Mawprem to New Shillong Township which will in turn affect the poor people who have to travel all the way to Umsawli spending a lot of money.

He also mentioned that the dorbar shnong would not provide the NOC and will not allow any construction work to be carried out until the government cooperates with the Dorbar Shnong and considers its suggestions.

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