FKJGP closes down Reliance tower in Mairang

SHILLONG: Reacting to the adamant attitude of a mobile company, Reliance with regard to the terrible network services to the residents of Mairang, the FKJGP Mairang Circle on Saturday closed down the Reliance Tower at Lyngdoh Masi, Mairang.

The FKJGP Mairang Circle led by its president Bobby Basaiawmoit on Saturday closed down the Reliance Tower stating that for the past few months now, the company was unable to live up to its promises to better its services to the people of that area.

The union even closed down the Reliance Communication Centre at Mairang recently but when things didn’t change, the union was forced to close down the main tower located at Lyngdoh Masi.

However an hour after the union locked the tower; men from the company rushed to the area and requested them to re-open the tower with a promise to see to this problem within 10 days.

However, the union has strictly rejected their proposal and said that they will not remove the lock until the company is able to rectify the whole problem .