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Assault on student lands school head in trouble

TURA: The headmistress of one of Tura’s prestigious schools, Aeroville Secondary School in Hawakhana, is in the eye of a storm for allegedly matting out corporal punishment to a child as a result of which the little girl sustained a wound to the back of her ear.
According to family members of the little girl, she was punished by the headmistress, Sanne B Sangma because she “forgot” to bring her workbook to school.
The issue went into full public view after a relative of the child put out the pictures of her injuries sustained on Wednesday onto social media leading to widespread condemnation of the headmistress and the school management.
Allegations of many such incidents in the same school in the past, which were apparently pushed under the carpet, have also resurfaced.
The school belongs to the former MPSC Chairman and current ICFAI Pro Vice Chancellor Viola Sonatchi B Sangma. As per the video posted on social media, the girl had a deep gash behind her ear which was a result of the beating by the headmistress. She is also reportedly suffering from head pain due to the injury inflicted on her ear. “This is barbaric and the head mistress needs to be taken to task for making the girl suffer. Corporal punishment has been banned and she and the school it seems, did not read that chapter. This is inhuman coming from the head of a respected educational institute,” said president of Mindikgre unit of GSU, Greneth Sangma.
Other NGOs, including the FKJGP, AYC among others have also condemned the physical abuse suffered by the child and have sought action against the perpetrator. Upon being informed on the matter, District Child Protection Office members also went to visit the family. Meanwhile, the head mistress is said to have visited the family on Thursday and apologized to the family for the incident.
Reacting on the incident, the president of FKJGP, Pritam Marak called the act “preposterous”. “This has been happening in the school for a long time and should have been flagged earlier.
The parents should actually file a police complaint as well as a complaint to the deputy commissioner seeking action against the head mistress. They cannot act this way with children. If this is the punishment they give for forgetting your books I wonder as to what they would do for more serious offences” said the FKJGP leader.
Meanwhile,West Garo Hills police chief, MGR Kumar informed that the incident was under inquiry and would be taken up appropriately.

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