MUDA notification to be examined after KHADC budget session

SHILLONG: UDP MDC, Paul Lyngdoh has said the MUDA Building Bye-Law is a politically sensitive issue and had been the main talking point during previous district council elections.

Replying during the motion moved by Congress MDC, Lamphrang Blah on MUDA Building Bye-Law, Lyngdoh’s wittily said the MUDA issue had generated heat and not light during the district council election campaign.

He maintained that the House session was expected to generate light and not heat on the MUDA muddle.

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Speaking about the MUDA Building bye-law notification issued on February 1, he said the notification would be examined thoroughly after the budget session.

It may be mentioned that the notification of February stated that MUDA had been entrusted with implementing the MUDA Building Bye-Laws for Municipal areas and scheme areas

On the other hand, Paul said it would be an opportunity to minimize the confrontation between state government and the District Council  and set up better  coordination.

In the previous years, a tussle emerged between the KHADC and the state government over the MUDA Building Bye-Laws.

Paul mooted for setting up a similar agency as that of MUDA in the KHADC in which engineers, designers, architects would be appointed.

Congress MDC Lamphrang Blah urged the Executive Committee to find out ways and means so as to enable that the poor are not harassed due to the application of MUDA building bye laws.

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