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KHADC expects release of fund after LS poll

SHILLONG: Deputy CEM of  Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), Pyniaid Sing Syiem said the total amount released to the Council through Government Grant for areas not included in part IX and IXA of the Constitution during 2018-19  was Rs 34, 87,95,000.

Replying to a supplementary query of Congress MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri, Syiem said it was part payment as the total amount sanctioned for Autonomous District Councils was Rs 111 crore. Currently, the amount received by the Autonomous District Councils (ADCs) is Rs 77, 51 lakhs.

He informed that the District Council was expected to get the remaining amount after the Lok Sabha elections.

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Raising a concern about the growing number of school drop-outs, Congress MDC Ronnie Lyngdoh suggested if the amount could also be diverted towards education.

To this, Syiem said there would be no issue with regard to helping the schools.

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