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Dorbar Shnong to move court against state govt

Relocation of Pahammawlein entry point

SHILLONG: The Dorbar Shnong of Pahammawlein in Ri Bhoi has decided to take legal action against the state government for its “arbitrary decision” to relocate the entry point from 19th Mile to Umling.
In a letter to Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, the Dorbar Shnong said it was “deeply disappointed” by the decision to relocate the entry point from 19th Mile, Pahammawlein, to the transport land located in Umling, which is 2.5 km away from the toll plaza.
The letter cited “three pragmatic reasons” why the entry point should not be in Umling. First, the toll plaza is located in 20th Mile and the new location of the entry point will be after the plaza. “How will the state turn away visitors without valid papers after they have paid toll in the toll plaza located in 20th Mile? It may be mentioned that such individuals will have to face the traumatic prospect of paying toll again on their way out while being denied entry into the state,” the letter stated.
It pointed out that once toll is paid by an individual, the government “is contractually and legally bound to let that individual use the national highway”.
Second, there are several PWD roads before the proposed transport site which give unimpeded access to Nongpoh, Lailad, Patharkhmah, Mairang, Shillong and the rest of Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills, “rendering the entire objective of containing influx meaningless”.
“Third, we would like to point out that, the most important criterion for setting up entry point is to have it located as close to the inter-state border as possible, irrespective of terrain, for maximum effectiveness, for location takes priority over topography, in such matters,” the Dorbar Shnong said.
It added that the government’s reason for relocating the entry point was financial constraint and it was questionable and unjustified. “It will be setting up, an ineffective mechanism that is unlawful, resulting in wasteful expenditure of scarce public resources.”
“Keeping in mind the above reasons and to prevent the state government from squandering public money on a toothless entry point, we the executive committee Dorbar Shnong, Pahammawlein, hereby, resolve to challenge the legal validity of setting up entry point Umling, in the courts of the land,” the letter said.

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