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Three more arrested

Ginger robbery case

Nongpoh: Three more persons were arrested on Thursday in connection with the ginger robbery case at Umiam in Ri Bhoi.
Earlier, three persons had surrendered. Police were on a manhunt and identified another member of the gang as Dominic Nongsiej of Umtrew village who later surrendered on Thursday.
Subsequently, two persons involved in the case were arrested and identified as 19-year-old Davidstar Kharshing, the youngest in the group, and Boldenstar Lyngkhoi. The police also seized the local taxi (ML10 B7605) used in the incident on March 9. The mastermind is still at large.
Sources informed that 2 tonne of stolen ginger was already sold. The gang had hijacked a truck carrying ginger worth Rs 7-8 lakh.

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