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Predictably, China stepped in again to put a spoke into India’s Jaish wheel at the United Nations as it did repeatedly in the past. Beijing blocked the plea that sought a UN ban on Jaish-e-Mohammed and declaration of its chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist – actions that would force Pakistan to stop its support to the Kashmiri terrorist and bring Azhar before the arms of international laws against terrorism. Curiously, it would appear that the Indian government put some faith in China this time – as was seen in the past too – to strengthen hope that Beijing would finally see reason. China didn’t, and followed its policy of colluding with Pakistan for its self interest.

China remained quiet until the last moment, apparently to tease India, before it rose to let down this country – this time, even in the face of the deadly Pulwama attack. Jaish had accepted responsibility for the terror act, and it claimed responsibility for several other major terror attacks in India in the past too. All these had the unmistakable stamp of an ISI involvement; meaning the Pakistani army is out to achieve its openly stated aim of “bleeding India with a thousand cuts.” China’s support to Pakistan to protect Masood Azhar and his Jaish is a provocation in itself, but considering the overall scenario, two possibilities exist: one, to grin and bear with this scenario. Or, concentrate attention on other options before India to target Azhar and his terror outfit. What China asked now is more time to consider the matter and hence a hold-back of the matter at the Security Council. This could drag the issue for nine more months, when China can again put another spoke in the Indian wheel.

It would look odd that the collective concern and might of the US, France and the UK could not have any impact at the Security Council this time again. This, for the reason that China has a Veto power, while India is still not a full-fledged member of this Council. By adopting such diversionary tactics, China is doing no service to global peace or the fight against terror –of which it is a victim in its own backyard close to the Isthans in the west. Considering China’s huge military might and clout arising out of its economic power, India has its limitations in dealing with this northern neighbour. All the more reason why alternative routes to reach at Azhar are necessary!

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