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Pro-active MLAs in the House


The Budget session which began on March 8 saw a number of MLAs taking active part in the proceedings of the Assembly. In fact the House was very lively due to the participation of many members from both sides. It is very heartening and encouraging to see that even new members took active part in the proceedings so much so that even the Deputy Speaker was fully awake to the issues raised by them. The most active among them were surprisingly first timers like HM Shangpliang, (Mawsynram), George B. Lyngdoh,(Umroi), S.K Sunn (Mawphlang), P.T Sawkmie (Mawlai), Marylborne Syiem (Nongpoh),Gavin M. Mylliem (Sohra) Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar (Mawkyrwat), Dr. Azad Zaman (Rajabala), Miani Shira (Ampati) Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang (Rambrai-Jyrngam) and Lazarus Sangma (Dalu). I was indeed gratified to see them doing so well. I hope that the constituents they represent and the State as a whole would benefit from their deliberations in the House. I wish them well for the remaining sessions for the next four years.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,


Toothless notifications


We must acknowledge that KHNAM as a regional political party has taken up in right earnest the flagrant violation of the notification by the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) insofar as the weight of the school bag is concerned. The Education Department has apparently not adhered to the notification to reduce the weight of the school bag. Whether schools are actually following this notification is yet to be assessed. Secondly, the State Education Department should also direct the schools to streamline their respective fee structures before the start of the new academic year. Most private schools are least bothered about the Education Department notifications. Hence they become mere paper tigers. Mr Lakmen Rymbui as the Education Minister should address these issues in a more proactive manner.

Yours etc.

Dominic S. Wankhar


Road etiquette can reduce traffic chaos


Road safety is a concern for all irrespective of gender. It is a matter of fact that lack of etiquette on the road is becoming very dangerous to the lives of citizens. Road safety is a priority and concern for all of us and there is a need to regularly reinforce this message. No one follows the traffic rules and even the traffic police can no longer handle the traffic violations. Bikers are often a headache and we need to focus more on such offenders Drivers must be sensitized about the rights of the pedestrians. Lack of knowledge about correct use of high-beam headlamps creates problems at night.
Stringent laws against drunk and rash driving, proper and effective enforcement of the laws and the tough and sincere judiciary in dealing with the accidents alone could ultimately have a positive effect in dealing with the ever growing accidents. If people drive more sensibly, ours roads will be safer for all. Let’s stop giving excuses; instead let’s look for solutions on the basis of suggestions received from experts and concerned citizens. People must be taught road etiquette, which could reduce 50% of disarray on streets. Yours etc.,

Vinod C. Dixit,


Prejudiced view


Apropos the letter, “Military belongs to the country” by Sujit De (ST, March 12, 2019), I wonder how he arrives at the conclusion that the Govt. at the centre is taking undue advantage from the military operation! As a matter of fact the Modi Govt is automatically getting the advantage, not taking it forcefully! Everyone knows that the Prime Minister is the ultimate authority to order for any major operation and, if something goes wrong it is the PM who has to bear the brunt of attacks from all quarters, as it happened in the case of Demonetisation or GST, wherein some major loopholes were detected in the context of proper implementation. Hence, in the case of a success why should the PM be criticized when he/she derives some advantageous credit? I do not understand how it is unfair! Is it not that some people started to vehemently justify it as unfair just because they enjoy opposing the PM or his party in whatsoever way possible? Actually, this is what is unfair! My advice to such people is to please stop taking it for granted that the people of this country are fools and cannot comprehend any mischievous plot! Mr De should also understand the bitter fact that there is no ruling political party in our country which is/was shy of taking credit/advantage from the success of a project/operation undertaken by it/during its tenure. Can he name even one such? The present PM, as we can see, always asserts in public that he represents 125/130 crores people of this country and not just one-third of the electorate that had voted for his party. Lastly, I feel that people should not be biased in their desperation to prove someone biased.

Yours etc.,

  1. Gupta,

Via email

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