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Criteria for politicians  


Judging from the level of discourse of most of our political leaders across party-lines, I very strongly feel that people should start demanding for a legal provision that will ensure that only those who pass certain eligibility criteria should enter politics and only if the person possesses a minimum degree. As of today even an illiterate person or a primary school passed one can become a law-maker and can rule over an IAS or an IPS. Also, I feel there should be some age limit fixed for the legislators/parliamentarians. If a Govt./Public servant is subject to a retirement age then how come a politician can still continue when his mind, his brain, his body – everything is in shambles due to over-age! We have had many examples where a politician contests an important election even when he/she is unable to even stand properly on his/her feet. My question to the Election Commission/NGOs/Judiciary: Can we still afford to allow these sorts of uneducated/lowly-educated/over-aged politicians to play with our lives like this?

Yours etc.,

PS Gupta,

Via email

Solving the Kashmir issue

The issue of Kashmir is a chronic one, and has festered for nearly three quarters of a century. Those familiar with Kashmir’s history would be aware that violence in Jammu and Kashmir generally tends to come in “waves”. The centre and state governments have been deliberately silent till the situation boils and bursts. Problems are due to the insincere and inept polity. Unrest in Kashmir reveals the failures of the ruling People’s Democratic Party. To be fair to the security forces, they have faced exceptional ferocity from groups of young people. Slogans are becoming the main instigators of violence even though sloganeering has been a part of long cherished history of the world. The security forces do not appear to be following standard operating procedure. Whenever there is a riot, there are plenty of ways in which the situation can be dealt with. The country needs tough laws to curb the misuse of information technology. India always thought that peace can be made by sincerely addressing grievances of people. India must take its cue from those instances and solve the Kashmiri conundrum once and for all. Tourism is the main business of Jammu & Kashmir and gives employment & business to lakhs of local people. This business can only flourish if there is peace and tranquility.
Countries across the world must unite to fight terror so that the innocent people of Kashmir can live in peace and not in pieces. It should also be the responsibility of every citizen to cooperate with the government as well as our armed forces by ushering in a climate that is terror-free and peaceful. Good governance and good policies will address the problem to a very large extent.
Yours etc.,
Vinod C. Dixit,

Military belongs to the country!  


To milk political advantage from the success of our soldiers is a dangerous practice. Our soldiers fight for the whole country and not just for one political party! If a military operation has been projected as a political asset of one political party then it will send a wrong impression that the whole country is divided in terms of our defence policy. The whole country needs to be behind our soldiers during a war-like situation. The fact of the matter is that there is a clear difference between the government and the ruling party. The government of India and our defence force have to represent all the people of our country and not just one third of the electorates who exercised their franchise in favour of the ruling party.

Yours etc.,

Sujit De,

Via email l

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