PPP  health sector tastes success in Meghalaya

SHILLONG: The  concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) has emerged as one of the important strategies for health sector reforms in Meghalaya  with the most successful initiative has been the handing over of identified less performing CHCs and PHCs to NGOs who in turn operate  every such health facility providing promotive , preventive and curative health care services specializing in reproductive and child health and outreach activities.

Sources from the Health department informed that till date 2 CHCs, 19 PHCs and 1 state dispensary along with their associated sub health centres have been handed over to various NGOs since 2009  and the results have been encouraging.

In addition, EMRI  108 services with its fleet of 43 ambulances has also been a success story  and here have been PPP initiatives also under the National Health Mission (NHM) for free diagnostic initiative and radiology services .

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Sources added that for improvement in institutional deliveries which is only 54% as per HMIS data of 17-18 and for better maternal and child health care along with care of the sick and infirm, it is imperative that all health facilities especially the Maternity and Child hospitals are fully functional and it is also imperative for effective implementation of the various health related programmes of the government.

“In this context exploring means of public private partnerships in running health facilities with fixed monthly financial and programmatic  support will be critical for enabling quality health care which is accessible and affordable. The not-for-profit NGO from the social sector brings in trained manpower including doctors and takes responsibility for the implementation and success of all government NHM and other programmes.  Their success in securing high quality standards and good practices sustainably has led to many of these NGO run health facilities perform better in critical health indicators ìn the outreach areas , “ sources added.

Sources also informed that currently there are many health facilities like 100-bed Jowai MCH and 50-bed Nongstoin MCH which need to be made functional.  There are also other CHCs/PHCs in difficult areas like Jengjal , Chibinang , Dainadubi just to mention a few that have to be made functional where post creation has been initiated .  In a PPP tie up the HR could be deployed elsewhere augmenting health facilities in other deficient  health facilities.

The PPP policy could also be extended to AYUSH integrated health facilities and wellness centres also which are coming up in Sohra and Nongpoh in the near future and for hand holding of IPDs and OPDs of AYUSH also

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