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Cops prevent imminent clashes at Khyndailad on Thursday evening

SHILLONG: A situation similar to that of Motphran incident was about to be repeated at Khyndailad on late Thursday evening  but timely arrival of few senior cops and traffic personnel on the site helped in restoring the situation at the earliest.

As per eyewitnesses, the incident initially started when two hawkers had a verbal confrontation and one of them allegedly made an anti-Indian and pro Pakistani statement.

Soon after the statement  was made, a large number of hawkers gathered at the site  and shouted slogans like “ Hindustan Zindabad and Pakistan Moordabad’ and demanded an apology from the person who made  anti-Indian slogans initially

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In between, some traffic personnel who were at the site arrived at the situation and took the individual to the traffic booth at Khyndailad for his safety  from the mob of hawkers who had gathered there.

However, the crowd followed the police and the crowd once again gathered around the traffic booth and they asked police to bring the boy out as traffic personnel tried their best to keep the situation  under control and kept the accused person inside the traffic booth .

The situation was going out of control  but with the timely arrival of D. K. Prasad, DSP, Shillong, the crowd was dispersed and  the crowd numbering more than one hundred were disbursed.

Some people who were leading the crowd were picked up by the Police and taken to Sadar police station

It was also seen that  a long time was taken by the Police from Sadar to reach to the site in spite of the traffic police calling them repeatedly  for re-enforcement

During the episode, entire traffic was brought to standstill by this mob who was growing violent  and later a team of SOT was  also rushed to the site to contain the situation.


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