Rymbai, Kyndait refuse making attempt to bribe molestation victim

SHILLONG: Stan Rymbai and Augustine Kyndait have refuted the allegations leveled against them pertaining to the case of allegation of molestation leveled against the CEM of Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC), MB Rymbai.

Rymbai and Kyndait were alleged that they had visited the house of the 20-year-old woman who has filed an FIR against the CEM,  offering a huge amount of money to the family members to withdraw the FIR filed against the CEM.

In a statement issued here, the two said the allegations against them were false and baseless which sought to defame and tarnish their name and image.

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They went on to state that they were not aware of the incident that had occurred and had never met the 20-year-old girl nor her family members.

Kyndait further stated that his name appeared as Augustine Dkhar and he came to a realization that the accusation was leveled against him after seeing the name of the petrol pump reflected in the newspaper.

Stan and Kyndait said they do not have any personal or business relations with Rymbai. The two denied their involvement in the entire incident.

“We are deeply saddened as respectable members of the society that an unfortunate act such as this has been weighed down on us thus affecting our mental state,” they said in the statement.

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