KSU demands protection of Khasi people at Langpih

SHILLONG: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) central body issued a stern warning to the Nepali community to desist from harassing local Khasi people and interfering in Khasi areas and threaten to resort to other steps if the warning is not heeded.

In a press communiqué, the union on Sunday said the rights of Khasis over their land in Langpih are continuously being suppressed, he said the action of Assam police and Nepalis display their arrogance and disrespect to Khasi inhabitants.

The union berated the state government for its inability to provide security cover to Khasi inhabitants in Langpih and demanded the state government to deploy more security personnel including SF 10 and SWAT to ensure the people are not harassed either by Assam police or by Nepalis.

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“This high-handedness of Assam police and Nepali immigrants show that the state government of Meghalaya is unable to provide proper security cover to the local Khasis,” the union said.

The union also demanded that the governments of both Assam and Meghalaya should extend financial help to the people injured during the incident.

“The Nepalis were disrespectful to the local representative of Rambrai Jyrngam Constituency, Kimfa Marbaniang and it shows they want to encroach upon every plot of land of Khasis,” the union said.

The union took strong exception to the interference of Nepalis when Marbaniang was in a conversation with Assam police personnel asserting that the Nepalis have no respect to the state government of Meghalaya.

The union has lauded the effort of Marbaniang who visited the site on the day of the incident.

The KSU West Khasi Hills District Unit and KSU Ri-Muliang Circle and union member from the central body, Rapborlang Nongrum went to the site and visited the injured.

Assam police on Thursday resorted to lathi-charge against Khasi residents and staff of Umwali near Langpih over an electrification issue leaving 28 persons injured including an elderly woman.

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