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Delay in bridge construction irks GSU in Chokpot

TURA: The Garo Students’ Union (GSU) from Chokpot in South Garo Hills has expressed concern over the slow progress of work on the Rongku Bridge on the Tura Chokpot road, the construction of which began five years ago.

 “There nothing to show for progress at the construction site as only the support pillars have been constructed. What is the reason for this? Other bridges whose construction began at the same time have already been completed but the Rongku bridge is being delayed unnecessarily,” the union said.

 “If the incomplete bridge is abandoned, it will be a great loss to the people of Chokpot as other development works in the region will come to a stop. We urged the concerned contractor to restart the construction and complete it at the earliest,” it added.

 The union also warned that it would take its own course of action if their request was ignored.


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