Shad Sajer and industrial exhibition begins at Ri-Bhoi

NONGPOH: : The two-day Shad Sajer festival cum 25th Industrial exhibition organised by the dorbar Raid Nongkhrah in collaboration with the office of the General Manager District Commerce and Industries Centre, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh was inaugurated by Miss D. Phawa, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Ri Bhoi District on Friday at the Lawkyntang, Raid Nongkhrah.

Around 45 entrepreneurs and Cooperative Societies from all over the district took part in the exhibition, showcasing their hand-woven products and cloths, agricultural products, handicrafts, food processing etc including government departments like Social Welfare, Election, and Veterinary etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Miss D. Phawa congratulated and highly appreciated the Dorbar Raid for their initiative and efforts in the preservation of the rich culture that the Raid Nongkhrah has, like Ka Shad Shut-wait, Ka Put-mieng, Ka Shad Dong Dong, Ka Shad mastieh, Ka Shad Malaho, Ka Shad Rah Kynthei, ka Shad Ainguh (Traditional dances) and others.

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“The government in its best effort try to preserve the rich culture of the people of the state through the department of Arts & Culture and therefore urged the elders of the Raid Nongkhrah to approach the concerned department for help of any form in order that it could be a support in their plan to keep their culture alive which is on the verge of extinction,” she added.

She called upon each and all to work together with the elders of the Raid in the preservation of their rich culture and tradition so that they could maintain their identity. She further said that a tribe or community without a culture is sure to lose its identity and hence she strongly urged the people particularly the youths to learn and practice he traditional musical instruments and dances so that the traditional music and practices pass on from generation to generations.

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