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HYC moves MSHRC against Assam Police over Langpih incident

SHILLONGThe Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) has filed a complaint at the Meghalaya State Human Rights Commission (MHSRC) against the alleged atrocities by Assam police on local residents of Umwali near Langpih over electrification issue.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, president of HYC, Robert June Kharjahrin approached the Commission demanding it to conduct an enquiry into the lathi-charge attack by Assam police.

“We hope that the Commission will take up the matter as soon as possible. We demand that the commission should conduct an enquiry and book the state government and Assam government as per laws and bring criminal charges against them,” he said.

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He added that the Assam government should pay compensation to the injured people.

Kharjahrin demanded that state government should issue immediate police protection to these border villages due to the constant harassment.

“We demand that two of the people who are arrested, the secretary of the village and driver of MeECL by Assam police. This arrest is not acceptable. What is the meaning of arresting people who are involved in developmental works in the state?” he added.

He said over 16 of the people were hospitalised at Nongstoin Civil Hospital and more than 24-15 people were injured.

He voiced concern that besides the youth who were beaten up, women around the age of 60 years were not spared by the Assam police.

 Several persons were injured after Assam police on Thursday resorted to lathi-charge against the Khasi residents and staff of the MeECL in Umwali near Langpih.

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