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Residents oppose Sordar Raid’s elevation to Elaka

SHILLONG: A delegation of residents falling under the jurisdiction of Hima Sohra opposed the demand of the Sordar Raid Majai to upgrade Majai to an Elaka.

In this connection, the residents met the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) CEM HS Shylla who assured the delegation that the demand of the Sordar would not materialise.

The delegation also sought information from the CEM as to the reason why KHADC took charge over Raid Majai.

A representative of the delegation, W Bynnud said that the charge was only temporary and said that the KHADC took charge of Raid Majai due to the increasing number of non-tribals in Majai.

He added that the CEM and others would visit Majai again on February 16.

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