UDP asks govt to seriously consider ILP

SHILLONG: The United Democratic Party (UDP) has asked the state government to seriously consider implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state following the Centre’s seemingly determined move to get the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 passed in Rajya Sabha and made into law.
A statement issued by vice-president of the party, Allantry Dkhar, also cited other laws that are strictly meant for the protection of the indigenous people.
The party urged the government to strengthen the Land Transfer Act by doing away with certain provisions that alienates land in the garb of tribal interest.
It said the industrial policy has to be fine tuned too, to curb the practice of availing plots at industrial estates to outside entities at the expense of the state’s exchequer.
Dkhar added that the trading license issued by the district councils has to be strictly implemented considering that the local indigenous people are competent enough to carry out various trades.
“The regulation and registration of outside labourers is another area of great concern which the government needs to seriously look into. The registration of voters from outside the state is another area of grave concern, especially along the international borders as well as the inter-state borders, where their actual antecedents need to be properly verified before registering them,” Dkhar said.
Criticising national parties, he urged the people to not fall prey to their propaganda as they are concerned only with vote banks rather than the well being of the state’s population.
He refuted claims that the Congress is the only party that can fight against the CAB, terming it as another opportunistic ploy to fool the electorate.
“The electorate knows that if all the Northeastern states were under regional party’s regime, the Centre would have not dared, but going by history of how the Northeastern states vote national parties to power, the union government has seized the opportunity,” Dkhar said.
Asked about North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA), he said the regrouping of all Northeastern political parties in Guwahati recently has rendered it bereft of regional parties.
The party, which has no MP, is not part of NDA as the latter is a parliamentary alliance, he said.

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