Now cut-out war between nemesis in Bengal

KOLKATA: Below a large cut-out of BJP President Amit Shah in Kolkata’s northern suburb Baranagar lies a board reading “courtesy Baranagar Trinamool Congress”. At first glance, the scenario may seem a welcome exception in a state where clashes between the BJP-ruled Centre and the Trinamool Congress-run state government are reaching a flashpoint ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.
However, that is not to be. In fact, the cut-out has generated much heat between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Trinamool.
According to the Trinamool’s local leadership, large cut-outs of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were put up on B.T. Road ahead of the January 19 Brigade Parade ground rally of anti-BJP opposition leaders.
The boards reading “courtesy, Baranagar Trinamool Congress” were placed below those cut-outs.
“The BJP put up Shah’s cut-out at Baranagar by removing that of Banerjee. But, in a comical slip, they forgot to remove the board which remained as it is,” said a Trinamool leader.
Another local Trinamool leader Aparna Moulik “condemned the BJP’s attitude”.
“I condemn them for their brand of politics. They have put up flags and cut-outs, but the board below the cut-out proves they removed our leader’s picture. Nothing can be more despicable than this,” said Moulik.
On the other hand, the BJP vehemently denied the allegation. (IANS)

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