MDCs tendency to defect takers sheen off council polls: Donkupar

SHILLONG: Electioneering  for forthcoming election to the Jaintia Hills and Khasi Hills Autonomous District Councils scheduled to be held on February 27,  is unlikely to be lively unlike the general Assembly elections held last year.

 Giving his take about the lack of enthusiasm as seen in the current Council polls electioneering, UDP president Donkupar Roy cited the frequent defection by MDCs to other political parties as the reason people distanced themselves from canvassing for certain Council candidates.

With the Autonomous District Councils not coming under the anti-defection law, Roy gave a witty remark, “We are unfortunate that we got candidates who are gentlemen.”

 Expressing confidence in the candidates of the party, he said the party had directed the party’s grass-roots to be certain about the candidate’s allegiance to the party.

Asked whether the role of money has played its part in the Council elections which have lost people’s interest, he said money power was high during general Assembly elections while it was less in the Council elections.

“But I cannot say anything as times are changing as those who have money have the tendency to spend money during elections,” he said.

 Roy stated that the problem with regional parties was they did not enough funding and claimed they could beat the national parties if they had sufficient funds.

Exuding confidence, he said the UDP was ready in almost all the constituencies under Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC) and Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC)

In JHADC, he said the candidates had high probability to win and some of them having cent per cent chance to emerge successful in the Council polls while in KHADC many of the candidates were prepared to face the Council polls.

“We are confident UDP will form the Executive Committee, if not alone but will have alliance,” he said.

“It is crucial to get candidates who have principles,” he said as he expressed confidence in his candidates saying they will not defect to other parties.

He said the alliance with the HSPDP was an understanding. “HSDPD will become a part of the alliance post elections,” he added.

The president informed that the UDP intended to contest in almost all constituencies and the manifesto would be out at the right time.

Meanwhile, general secretary, Jemino Mawthoh informed the CEC of the UDP would be held on January 28.
UDP releases list

The UDP has released the fifth list which includes three candidates – Hat Pohchen from War Central, Lomris Lyngdoh from Muthlong Sohkymphor and Dam


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