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Citizen group moves SC for ban on coal mining

SHILLONG: A citizens group here has approached the Supreme Court for a complete ban on coal mining in the state, saying there has been a loss in terms of revenue from the industry.
Leader of the group, Citizens’ Forum, Angela Rangad said Sunday there were 24,626 coal mines in the district. The forum alleged collusion between the state government and the illegal coal miners and that the courts and the NGT were misled on several occasions on the total amount of extracted coal waiting to be transported.
The activists also demanded a CBI inquiry into the assault of Agnes Kharshiing and Amita Sangma. Rangad said the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council, Directorate of Mineral Resources, transport, ministers and police personnel are colluding.
“The police are facilitating safe passage to trucks which are violating NGT orders. Where do citizens turn to?” she said.
Commenting on the statement of the state government that there is lack of force to man the mining areas, Kharshiing said, “When we tried to help, you attacked us instead. We didn’t want a pie from them. We just help but they attack and they did not protect us.”

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