Assam University bans agitation within campus

GUWAHATI: Assam University authorities in Silchar have issued an order imposing ban ban on gathering and procession of any group of people within the periphery of the varsity campus without prior permission from the university authority with immediate effect.
The order has mentioned that  any assembly, procession, dharna or any sort of gathering of a group of people within the periphery of this campus is strictly prohibited until further order.
As the protest against Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 is raging in Assam, two groups of students and staff of the varsity resorted to demonstration against and for the bill on two occasions in the varsity campus without permission from the authority.
As the unauthorized demonstrations created unwarranted rumour mongering about the situation in the varsity, the authorities have decided to impose ban on any kind of such demonstration until further order, a source in the university informed.
Last Wednesday a section of the students sat in for protest against the Citizens Amendment Bill. The following day, more than 100 students assembled in support of this bill to counter the previous day’s sit in protest.

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