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Woman expat on 29k km clean trail visits state

SHILLONG: Sangeetha Sridhar, a 52-year-old UAE expatriate, recently arrived in the city as part of her 29,000 km solo trip across 310 cities in India, which she is calling ‘Clean India Trail’.
She also visited Dawki, Mawlynnong and Sohra and said she hopes to understand how the people of the state have embraced nature by interacting with them.
Sridhar, who is exploring the entire country in her SUV, is on a mission to spread the message of cleanliness and find out if women are really safe in India.
Sridhar’s journey began in Mumbai on August 12 last year in her modified SUV and she hopes to complete her journey in March this year after being on the road for over 137 days.
She has also been assessing public toilets en route by recording her findings and handing them over to the Ministry of Tourism, Swachh Bharat Mission and United Nations Sustainable Development Board.
According to the adventurer with a cause, her journey is centered on the theme ‘Gandhi 150’ as Mahatma Gandhi believed in a ‘free India’.
With a budget of Rs 7.5 lakh funding her endeavour, Sridhar stated that she has been following a routine in order to stay fit.

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