AAU hosts global meet on sustainable agriculture, biodiversity

GUWAHATI:The four-day International Conference on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture (ICCCBSA)  has begun at the Assam Agricultural University (AAU) in Jorhat where 1038 individual research papers are going to be presented.

The large number of papers to be presented in the meet re expected to throw up at least 15 integrated  research projects which would help mitigate climate change,  conserve the earth’s bio-diversity and aid in sustainable agriculture.
Vice-Chancellor of the University K M Bujarbaruah said that the 1038 abstracts submitted here proved that a lot individual research was going on. He said for the research initiatives to  have an impact at the ground level,  the need of the hour was to work together as teams and come up with 15 projects which could be further worked on and developed into technologies.
The  Vice Chancellor further said that in the past 100 years the temperature had risen only, point 74 which was not very alarming but the matter of concern was that from 1995 to 2010, the world has witnessed the 12 hottest summers and given this fact it had been projected that the temperature would increase by 1.5 per cent which could be very disastrous.
“In this case 6 per cent insects,  8 per cent plants species and 4 per  cent of vertebrates would become extinct.
This would double if temperature increase continued and if the Paris Agreements goal of reducing green house gas emissions by half by 2030 was not met.

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