Nongjrong to host orange festival in Meghalaya next year

SHILLONG: The oranges from Nongjrong which is marketed till middle  of April is set to get a platform next year at the Orange Festival to be held at Nongjrong.

Speaking to a section of the Press, Mawkynrew MLA Banteidor Lyngdoh said the oranges from Nongjrong under Mawkynrew constituency, is unique since they last a rather long time as compared to other oranges

“The festival will be a blessing to the local residents as they will be known far and wide,” he said.

However, the bad road condition remains to be a stumbling block. The MLA informed that the road is still under repairs.

“It will tentatively be held next year after the road is thoroughly repaired,” Lyngdoh said.

According to him, the scenic Nongjrong village also boast of tourism prospects and said the he had informed   the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma on the need to have a bridge to connect Jaintia Hills which will boost tourism and agriculture in Nongjrong.

RMDC demands Orange and pineapple Mission

The Riwar Mihngi Development Council (RMDC) has insisted that the state government should take initiative to launch the missions on Orange, Pineapple Missions Potato and Tomato to increase their production and boost the income  of farmers.

“The best orange is produced in Meghalaya comes from Riwar area, thus promoting this crop will surely benefit farmers and create employment in rural area”, said the statement adding that orange grew well in different parts of the state including those in Garo Hills, Jaintia Hills and even in Ri-Bhoi.   

The RMDC asserted that oranges from the North East do not reach mainland India is because these oranges were exported to Bangladesh and therefore there was a shortfall of supply in the domestic market.

Meanwhile, the RMDC endorsed the resolution taken during the recent concluded farmers parliament held in Shillong organised by the Agriculture Department in collaboration with Hill Farmers’ Union.

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