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Call for preserving NGH turtle sanctuary

RESUBELPARA: Four turtles, which were rescued by a joint team of Peace Club and Environmental Lovers and North Garo Hills police, were released into the Aruak Turtle Sanctuary at Aruakgre on Wednesday by district tourism officer Merley Cheang Marak.
Aruakgre is the natural habitat of turtles and old-timers say multiple species of turtles were found in the area. Earlier, tortoises weighing more than 40 kg were found in the Derik river.
However, many species have been endangered and there is a concerted effort by political leaders, locals and the Tourism Department to improve Aruak Turtle Sanctuary, which is in Bajengdoba constituency.
The species found here are Star turtle, Kokak turtle, Kongkle turtle, Majatchi turtle, Rongma turtles and Nokma turtles, to name a few. “I have found that this Aruakgre Turtle Sanctuary is an excellent one to promote tourism in North Garo Hills district,” said Marak.
Marak suggested that locals should be made aware of the endangered turtles so that they can take care of the sanctuary and also explain to tourists about various species.
He also suggested that small shops selling eatables should come up so that visitors to the sanctuary can feed the fish and turtles. He also emphasised the need to maintain cleanliness.
“The virgin forest must be preserved at all cost. Bamboo transport by river routes must be intervened to protect the home of the turtles. The water must be protected at all cost as turtles must multiply their own species in the sanctuary,” he added.
“Local MLA Pongseng R Marak is taking keen interest to promote this by constructing PWD roads,” said Edwin B Marak, president of Eco-Tourism Society Aruakgre.

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