Tyngson dismisses Congress’ allegations of illegal coal mining


SHILLONG: Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong has  dismissed all the allegations of the Opposition Congress pertaining to the illegal coal mining in the state.

Speaking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Prestone Tynsong  said that isolated cases of detection and seizure of illegal coal-laded in trucks by magistrates and police had been going on  since  2014   during the regime of the Congress and so did it mean that the   previous  government was fully involved in the illegal transportation of coal

“ You ( Congress) is trying to blame the MDA Government over the issue. It is not fair,” Tynsong said

When asked about   the allegation of nexus between political bosses and coal mafia, he ruled out the allegations saying that the Opposition’s main job was to make allegations as they thought it was their duty to make such allegations

According to Deputy Chief Minister, Government was very  serious on the matter and instructions had already been  issued to the all the district administrations to be on alert and take action against illegal coal mining accordingly.

When asked if the Government would call for an independent inquiry into the entire issue of coal mining, Tynsong said that the Government would discuss about it.

The issue of illegal coal mining has haunted the State once again after scores of trucks carrying illegal coal were seized from different parts of the state in last couple of months. The ugly picture of illegal coal mining became more visible after CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing and her colleague, Amita Sangma had been brutally attacked in a village in East Jaintia Hills  when they visited the place for inquiring into the illegal coal mining taking place in that area.



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